I have spent a lot of time in the game engine in blender. So I decided that I will start on the other half. This is a work-in-progress marble scene I am doing. Tell me how it is so far. :stuck_out_tongue:


I remember play this game in the 60’s Nice render!

Critiques and comments welcome. It is still a WIP.


@RNS Thanks!

I did a little texturing to the wood. I need to completely remodel the brown block. I messed with the materials on the marble… I think it looks better.

Critiques and comments welcome :yes:.


Maybe you should use photograph textures of wood for the wooden parts? Looks like you are just using cloud textures or something.
Also the glass on the marble needs some work. Remember to not only use transparency but also reflectivity!

lol. Right you are. :wink: I will texture them better!

I still need to remodel the block. :stuck_out_tongue: Please critique and comment it.