I have adapted an old composition with some marbles. I removed all the lamps and just used an HDRI image to illuminate the scene. I just have some problem to get the caustic as I’d like. Anyway, the result is ok for now.

Composed with Blender
Rendered with Yafray
Time for rendering : 1h35 on a P4 3.2 HT

As usually, C&C are welcome.

:o Niiiiice,
One question, are those little things drops of water on the surface of the marbles, or bubbles of air inside the marbles? And you used the kitchen probe right?

Wow, a very realistic piece!

I too have a question; how did you get the hdr image cast light at that angle? I can only use hdr in conjunction with GI, but it seems to be casting directional light in this scene. Can you please explain the technique you used?

Reflective spheres are very traditional fare for HDRI + Yafray, but this piece has some extra details that really make it quite nice. The colored marble swirls in the spheres are really magical.

The wood texture could be improved (more sharpness) but this image is pretty ace.

I see no picture.

please fix the picture link I would like to see this, as I too have lost my marbles a few times with blender.

They are bubbles of air and yes guy, you are right this is the kitchen probe.

I was also estonished by this ! I didn’t use any special settings to achieve that result, I think it depends on the HDRI image you use. If the image includes several light sources they will produce illumination corresponding to all of them. I use GiMethod=Full with depth=6, Quality=Higher wiht Cdepth=8 (slow !), Photons count=250000.

I had to create a new wood texture combining 4 images to get a 3200x2400 image in order to have enough details, even with this huge image, I can’t get the precision I would like. The problem also becomes from the AA which smooth the details, any idea to keep sharpness of a texture when AA is activated ?