(i couldn’t come up with a better title.)

My sister got 6 marbles in a christmas cracker at christmas, and she let me have them to look at, anyway, i thought they were pretty cool looking, and it inspired me to make some in blender, and after 30mins of work and 14 mins of rendering, i had my 3D marbles.

heres the pic!!! :wink:

1st. pic[Original]

2nd. pic [Post processing]
(sorry, couldn’t get the code for the thumbnail, imageshack is doing something with their database)

Which Pic do you prefer?, i like the 2nd. pic the best.

made in blender 2.4 and rendered in yafray 0.0.8

The original image is sharper and looks better in that respect. The border and text on the new image look good and I think they improve it. I see you also changed the color, I don’t particularly like one over the other.

I like it, a very nice simplistic model.