Hi all,
Here’s an image I made today called “marbles”. I figured that I may as well put it on here and see what you guys think. I’m considering it pretty much finished but if you have anything you think needs to be fixed please tell me.
tim the crazy

looks technicaly ok but i m not sure if marbles have such a bumped surface…

One sugestion, rotate one of the marbles so it is less obvious that they have the exact same texture. Also, I am not sure if the ring in the back is really necessary.

yes i think the texture needs to be fixed

the ring dosnt look…smoothed… like at the edges

the ring looks that way because of the texture and the DoF
anyway here’s something else I did

Looking good! What renderer did you use, blender internal? The marbles and everything look good, but if I was going to be really picky I would say that they are to big compared to the wooden planks (which look good apart from their size BTW)

You can get all types of marbles, different sizes and surfaces (I just happen to have a LOT of them). Also, great floor texture

All right here’s the final image

Looks good, but you went a little over the top with the bumpmapping. Marbles have a very, very smooth surface, as do golden rings.