March of Robots 2021

Partaking in March of Robots daily challenge.

Debated myself whether to make it in 3D or 2D, finally decided to take a break from moving vertices in 3D space and enjoy making 2-dimensional drawing instead. Anyway, here are entries for the first five themes, made entirely with Inkscape. Started up late so currently still trying to catch up to the dates, will be updated once more themes are completed later.


Second batch done !

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Halfway through, though still got lots to catch up.

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Day 16 ~ 20 :

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Day 21-25 done, now onto the last stretch …

Finally finished, hurray! Some (or even most) of it didn’t turn out as satisfying, as I was more into quantity/volume, added to the fact that I already started late, but glad to be able to complete it. That’s all for this 2D detour, hope you all enjoy it.