March of the Roman Legion - Blender 2.91 Animation

A new 3D Blender 2.91 animation rendered in Cycles about the Ancient Roman Empire. This is a short project made during the second lockdown. I was inspired by documentaries about the Roman Empire… Exciting work and I hope you enjoy it. I’m thinking of adding shots of the Roman legions walking in front of the sublime gates of the Nabataean kingdom…

The Artwork:

By using the new features of Blender 2.91, I wanted to update my workflow, in order to combine 3d render with volume. In addition, I work on animation and integration of 3d soldier character, which is clearly not my specialty. This is more of an experimentation than a finished job. There are many things to improve, but I need to move it on… This project was carried out over 2 weeks, during my free time.

The 3D legionnary are organized through groups of instances, which allows to obtain an army without over-loading the scene in Blender. All the legionnary are High-poly 3d models.

Combine Pass

Volume pass

:arrow_right: Workflow
Assets modeling in Blender 2.91 (Some assets are from CGTrader)
Assets textured on Subtance Painter
Assets animated on Blender 2.91 (+ Some animations from Mixamo)
VDB FX Simulation and Cloth sim on Blender 2.91
Render in Full HD with Blender 2.91 Cycles (500 samples) on a RTX 2080 TI (6 mins/frame for combine pass // 14 mins/frame for volume pass)
Post-production & Compositing on After Effects 2020
Final mix on Premiere Pro

:arrow_right: Music used
Hoenix - Incarnation

:arrow_right: PC specs
I9 7960X - 16 Cores
RTX 2080Ti

Thanks for watching


Fantastic scene … very nice work :heart_eyes: :dizzy:


Incredible! two weeks? that’s hard to believe, well done.

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absolutely fantastic animation Julien! Always a pleasure to see your work

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Thank you!

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Amazing project! Looking forward updates!

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As a fan of Roman history, I loved this.

The camera move is superb. Talk about bringing it to life!!

Get on the top row now, lol.

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Thanks for watching,

I had already worked on an ancient Rome project just before. So all the soldiers were ready for animation!

Thanks for the support!

I wish I could click on the Heart icon more than once.

Really really good work!

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thank you, Mark!

Damn! thats impressive! great work!

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Absolutely stunning!!

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks a lot Bart, Great week end too

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Aha, thank you!

well, what you want to know ?

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Ignis aurum probat, miseria fortes viros.

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Hehe. It’s a figure of speech which emphasises the brilliance of the camera move :smiley:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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