Marching animation help needed

I am new to the elysiun community I need some one who can tell me how to get a block or object to make a straight turn instead of making a curved turn…

                  Please help w/*noob question*

check the docs section on animation of undeformed objects. Specifically the section on IPO curves.

and/or the tutorial by Greybeard.

Note that the curve is set initially smooth shaped, if you change the type to linear, the curves change to sharp angles, and the object path becomes straight line, sharp angle turns as well.

thx ill try that

Perhaps this has already been said but this is something of a “chinsy” way of doing it. You can make your object keyed for a straight line movement to the point where you want to turn. THen key another frame at the end of the frist segment. That way the object must reach point that and won’t turn (I run into this problem if I don’t set an initial pose at the begginign fo the animation.) Then make another frame to the new direction. This should be much more linaar.

hope this helps
BlackManta :Z