few months ago, i learned how to make spin tool with material for glass. I really enjoyed to work on it. I had not posted it here before. Now, here it is.

Love the texture of the margarita mix itself. However may I point out that it looks like your mini table cloth looks like it is laminated into the table. If that was the look you were going for, good job. However if it was not what you were going for, raise up the cloth a bit, add some waves or wrinkles in it, and take off the gloss.

thanks! yes, the mini table cloth looks like it is laminted into the table which I was not planned. Actually, I don’t know how to get that raise up the cloth and make it wave and turn gloss off that the time. I decided to leave that way make it looks like glass plane on the table. Now, I know the empty would lift that up and turn transparency off through material. I would like to fix it look better such soon. thank you for point out,jrossjr79

also, i had not mentioned about creating wave or wrinkle the mini table, i am still learn how to do wave or wrinkle on any clothes… still practicing on…