Margarito don't do that! (animation :P)

I don’t like this one very much but… oh well, Also i’m a newbie about video codecs so the colors change a bit

here we go, 200 hours of total render time betwen 2 computers :-?

Pd. materials are made by venomgfx, mmm its a shame I can´t compress well, maybe if you like it i can put some music and sounds and make a better compression :wink:

Edit: C&C please! :stuck_out_tongue:

it keeps freezing when he reaches his had over to pick up the bottle or the note, tried to do it again and agian but it freezes at same spot, anyone else have that problem? Other than that I think it looks pretty good.

well I use DivX 5.21 to encode, maybe you have and older version? Thanks for the reply

200 hours! Oh my God!

I think the same, don’t know what to do, maybe i’m going to move on to yafray or aqsis or muse or wathever, so I can use the renderfarm “YafrayNet” that should be available soon, That’s POWER!

have you hear about it?

Hm. Interesting animation… though disturbing.
his head look far too boxy though… and his sleeve doesn’t deform right.
Otherwise else, good job.

LOL! I am a sucker for random humor. I was NOT expecting the gun to shoot out the “BANG!” thing. That was hilarious! I like the idea alot. The character animation is no perfect, but you looked at a bunch of the details that most people would over look (Eg. the hand shaking) Overall, a 7/10.
Good job, I hope you find a better way to render though, 200 hours isnt really worth it for a short animation…




Modles and animatoins look good except were he doesnt pull the trigger

but camera angles dont seem as good towards the end i would have more drematic angles (as killing yourself is a bit dramatic) like when he goes to grab the gun have cam looking from the gun up at him and when gun at head id bring the cam back so you see the whole set and at the start you could give it a nice wide establishing shot…:smiley:

am not death am i? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, thanks to everyone, I’m glad you find it hilarious, about the character animation and the camera angles and about Margarito NOT pulling the trigger, no excuses, sorry, specially about the trigger, that would be an excellent anticipation but a totally forget about it, I didn’t notice that until now. The thing is this was a final proyect for a class at college, and I just do it quickly, later I wanted to finish it but the errors were already done he he difficult task :frowning:

About the render, it took so long because Venom give me a trick for the white floor and subtle shadows, it works whit AO, but took forever to render and I have to use motion blur puff, Venom says he’s using faster and better tecnics now, he’s the man :wink:

Well at least a have the character already done, so in future college proyects I can reuse Margarito and focus on the animation! :stuck_out_tongue:

See you

Pd. Oh and it took about 20 minuts per frame, 619 f, 30 fps

It would be a rather good model if his head weren’t so boxy.

i guessed 25 fps :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a good idea, and a funny clip. You did a good job on most of it.

Maybe the head is too boxy, but that adds to the comical feel, so it really isn’t a big matter.

In some places,though , the animation seemed to come to a stop. Nothing alive stays still, so it would probably look a little better if there was subtle movement when the guy isn’t moving around… I know it doesn’t seem to make sense, but it’s the only way I can describe it at this moment.

Anyway, good job, probably still better than I could do at this point. :smiley:

Thanks, I’ll see what can I do with the head, for future proyects

Syrux, yes I understand, you mean moving holds :stuck_out_tongue:

see you :slight_smile: