MARI is out; demo is available

Finally… Although it won’t run on my system as I don’t have Quad code CPU or video card with 1Gb of VRAM :confused:

Maybe GSOC Texturing project can benefit from evaluating MARI eval version?

Buy? No thanks, I’m done with that vicious cycle :wink:

I go all the way through their crappy check out thing and it turns out they only have 64-bit Linux editions, after it allowed me to select 64-bit windows and proceed.

I am eagerly awaiting Mari, but that was just stupid.

I’ll stick with Blender and Photoshop for now.

without this we cant make professional things :frowning:
oh, pity Blender! no hope!

For an app. that’s supposedly a glimpse of the future of 3D painting it sure has a basic presentation on the website.

They have no screenshots, videos, or any other visual media on the site except for a couple images on the overview page and a few things in their .pdf guides, I’m not sure how many people are going to buy it if most of the presentation is just text.

They released the video overview a while ago.

Im trying to install it now. Holy crap they put a lot of licensing hoops to jump through :eek: Im getting a little discouraged, especially since Im not sure my hardware can handle the program at all.

who said buy? They have free evaluation version on the website.
endi, we can do professional things with Blender. Hell, you can grab charcoal and create 3D SIRDS image an a brick wall. But is it efficient or effective?
I am wondering if Blender is as easily enhanceable with plugins as 3DS MAX? So instead of waiting for month and month for yet another raw feature to make it into the app., we could have written plugins that expand functionality of Blender.

Not unless you want to wait ‘month and month’ for a plugin api to make it into the app…

Has anyone been able to get this to work? Going off the license installing PDF, it looks like the license installing software needs to be editing a license file that was left out of the download, and is trying to work in a directory that doesnt exist without including any method to change the directory it works on.

Uncle Entity, not for current release maybe, but for the following, sure. This way third party can develop plugins while Blender devs polish and expand the core.

jrs, I am not even trying to install it as I know my machine will not do well with it…

The license installer wants to install a license file to a location somewhere under /usr/local/. To be able to create new directories and files you have to be root to do this.

If you are using ubuntu just use sudo do start the installer and it should work just fine. It did for me.

They have still some very rough edges in their web shop software. They just went productive with their new site. A lot of errors are not caught and let you proceed with sometimes confusing results.

That’s useless.
Endi seems to love posting his monotone blah-blahs and then to fly away giving no justifications or even answers to critics. No dialogue. Just repetitive blah-blahs.

Thanks for the heads up — just been play with it. I found quite a few bugs (tablet pressure wasn’t working, change view with # keys can cause painting to be projected to wrong view, etc, etc) and had quite a few crashes with this first release.