MariNoire's Sketchbook

Hello everybody! I’m extremely new learning blender :smiley: This is my journey into 3D mostly NPR cartoony/anime stuff this is my second blend! ( the first was a cup ha ha ) , I drew out a front and side view and started topology, I used various tutorials and images to try to get a good flow, this is Sakura-chan

I did all the eye shininess and lip shine post render, painted her eyebrows and everything else on her UVs, shes just a bust right now next I will be working on her body and eye materials and uv paint:). This was render with 1000 samples in Cycles

I worked on the eye texture and materials, this is the raw render with 500 samples

its hard to tell but there is little star sparkles I added to the eye texture for a more cute effect

I worked on Sakura’s body~ its modeled and textured! But I do need to make a new material, its just a basic diffuse right now.Same with the underwear, all the pictures besides the underwear one are raw renders :wink:

full body she has cute hooves, any critique would be appreciated :wink:
different angle
there’s just minor level changes for this one, basic diffuse modeling clothes is harder than I expected ha ha

Looking good so far. I like her face. Can you post some wireframes?

Thank you! :smiley: Here’s a front view the first no sub surf and the second 1 sub surf

Wow, that looks really good! She reminds me of a ball-jointed doll.

Thank you!:smiley: I do collect bjds so they may have influenced me ha ha <3

She looks very cute! I hope we get to see more of Sakura soon~ :>