Mario Galaxy physics in BGE?

What I’m trying to say is that I’m wondering if it’s possible to get a sphere, like a planet in Mario Galaxy, and give it its own centre of gravity, and make multiple speres and objects, in that each of them has a unique gravitational pull on the player.

This seems impossible to me, as I don’t think bullet physics could do this properly, but does anybody have a better idea?

Pocho made a little example of a mario galaxy game like

search for GEL , Game Engine Library …

Yes, it is possible. I’m working on a similar setup atm.

There are three things needed to make this work.

  1. A local -z force that will act on the player while he is colliding with a planet. (and a weaker force for when he’s not colliding with the planet. This would enable jumping)
  2. A script that will make the bottom of the player align with the projected face normal of the polygon beneath it. You would need a ray sensor to detect this. (this is the hard bit because it requires that you use .setOrientation() which im trying to figure out)
  3. Set global gravity to 0 or a very small number.

I can try and make a demo for you…you might have to wait till like thursday tho…if i’m lucky i can get it up tomorrow but don’t count on it.