mario game issues

hey its been forever since ive been on these forums…
but its too tempting to make little blender games during class.

ive been trying a simple mario remake, but have run into some problems.

(game file =

for 1, the jumping isnt exactly correct. it seems a little glitchy sometimes, and im thinking maybe force isnt the right parameter i want to use, atleast in combination with loc commands for left and right direction.

2, the coins. i have it hooked up so that when i hit an invisible plane underneath a coin block, it prompts the empty above the block to creat a coin. problem is that when i duplicate this system it must use the same coin or something, because there is a major error whenever too coins are “living” at the same time.

3, the animation. the animation of the blocks aren’t relative, so if i duplicated a coin block and put it higher or lower than the original, it jumps to the original height when i start the game, making it screwy. also the animation of the plant mouth opening and closing stretches the two halves strangely, with no cause that i can see.

thanks in advance, and i know the graphics are crappy…so far.

If you want a mario mesh + rig + animations I’ve got one! A Yoshi as well. I don’t really need the right now (one of my many unfinished projects) so you’d be free to have them to compensate for the “crappy graphics” Just like, PM me if you’re intrested.
Anyway, I can’t really help you as far as GE know-how goes. You’re probably better than me… maybey the coin thing could be solved if you use delta ipos? I’m really not that good at this section of blender…
Anyway it’s nice to see you back!

I don’t see the coin problem. are you using 2.45?

fort jumping use rays. the way you have it set up if you jump while touching the side of pipe youll SUPER JUMP!

oh! and dont use dloc too much, that is not good for colisions at all. use force,and add some friction to the floor.

parent the blocks to a seporate non moving plane then program the animation. duplicate all of it, including the parent plane and your ipo’s will become local.

Nice work so far! love the pirana plant!:wink:

red yoshi - thanks! i couldn’t see anyone better to go to then a red yoshi =]

matt - i’m using 2.44…for some reason. i guess i need to upgrade. btw, i’m using a mac, and it has like a 666mhz processor (i know, it’s a self-damned setup =P) so i run into game slowing and crap. altho not with the mario game yet.

i will try those things, and i have attempted to avoid the super jump by having the surfaces be planes (check the file). also, how do i set up jumping with rays?


Hmm… mario remake :confused:

How legal would that be? There has been in the past, direct mario clones with characters made from scratch and even renamed, but nintendo kindly insisted that the game be taken down.

I’m not saying don’t go ahead on this, but if there’s new information about this matter it would be great. Heh, if nintendo officially thinks it’s ok to do clones of mario games, I’ll finally be able to go back and do that mario sidescroller template I always wanted to complete and release.

As for the problems
1. Personally I would use velocity instead of force. Also I would have a ray parented to the character pointing down and casting a ray so you would know if the character is on the ground. This will allow the character to jump only if the character is on the ground. (very basic, could make it more complicated for better results).

2. Not sure why that happens. If you’re just using add object to make the coins appear it shouldn’t be a problem. Since mario doesn’t have to pick up the coins in this scenario, make sure the added coins have collision turned off too. Or another way would just have an invisible coin parented to the block, every time mario hits the block, just make the coin appear and then cause it to disappear again after a short set time.

3. Fairly easy fix I think. Ok so you have the coin box animated. In this case you need to parent the coin box to an empty. Now no matter what height you move the empty to, the coin box will just animate relative to the position of the parent empty. For the plant mouth, you’re not specific enough so I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Jason Lin

How legal would that be? There has been in the past, direct mario clones with characters made from scratch and even renamed, but nintendo kindly insisted that the game be taken down.

Sadly, unlike Sega, Nintendo has been know to be more “strict” and “edgy” when it comes to fan games. I KNOW for a fact that if you are trying to make a remake of a game (example: Super Mario Sunshine for the PC), Nintendo WILL ask you to take it down. If you are not trying to create a remake, you have a better chance of it being released, but I still wouldn’t count on it.

But if you try to make a different gameplay even with the same character (Mario in this case) would it be a problem, coz im making a kirby fangame but of course the gameplay is WAY different from the original 3D kirby game.

I am hit and miss on this one…

It is not very probable that they will see your game .

But if you want to split hairs, Mario and Kirby are registered trademarks to nintendo.
If they wanted you to take it down they would have the right.
If you sold the game they could sue you for damages.

With all the time and effort it takes to develop a mascot , I would try to do something new, if it turns out to be something really cool it is all yours to sell, and take credit for.

hell slap a purple hat and jumpsuit on him and call him Gweedo or skippy.

But if you try to make a different gameplay even with the same character (Mario in this case) would it be a problem, coz im making a kirby fangame but of course the gameplay is WAY different from the original 3D kirby game.

Like Mmph said, most fan games (around 80%) are never seen by professional companies. If they want, they can ask you to take it down. However, even if they do see the game, most of the time they don’t take them down. Some companies actually encourage fan games. Sega, for example, actually allows fan game completions (known as SAGE) to exists for Sonic the Hedgehog fan games.

Really now. Thats a kool idea… :eyebrowlift2:

Well, he’s really probably not even going to release it online… I think that he’ll only like, at the most, post a thread about it here and be done with it.

Jason: If you need anything else, some modling, or texturing [edit:] or other stuff [/edit:] done that you don’t want to do yourself, you can just PM me… I am a Mario fan afterall. (Well, Yoshi fan) I’d love to have an excuse to work on Mario-themed stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

oookay. haha i miss the blenderartists debates.

thanks red yoshi - ill be sure to keep you in touch if need be.

thanks for the tips, im now using rays and velocity for jumping which is better.
still dont know what to do about the block animation…

red yoshi’s mario is amazing! its starting to look like a game now…

i’m now using 2.45 which solved a bunch of the issues, for example the coins dont explode anymore.

now the only problem is that mario flies away to the right as soon as i start the game (and set on dynamic of course)…

Maybe he’s touching the ground? Collision on startup often makes this happen…Try moving Mario a bit above the ground then press p.

Lol both of you

I really don’t think anyone is going to contact him. If you are old…like me… you will remember me and mooman made a Sonic/Mario/Donkeykong/MegaMan/Pac Man game. Where Mega Man was stuck in game land and had to get through Marios World 1-1 then Sonics Level, then Donkey Kongs level, then Pac Mans level…

We used all of the game companies and I even posted my email address on the site and no one ever contacted me. Its a fan game. They are not going to pay some crappy lawyer ten grand just to tell you to stop. Its not worth their time really. Not unless you sell it and start making money.

On topic. I would be happy to post my mario level for you to take apart and look at. It was a good learning tool for me and I am sure mooman wont mind either. He is not that active here anymore. I will get that up tonight.

enriqolonius - well i’m glad to say im not “old” yet but that sounds great! thanks in advance…

james xvi - i don’t think that’s the issue…i have it starting in midair…hmmm

I’ve often had the same prob. Make the mario mesh a ghost actor and the armature the dynamic. That often solved the prob. for me. Glad you liked mario. I actually had him jumpimg all over that place in one of my tests. (I was unsuccessfully trying for a blender smash bros) If you want me to I can PM you that as well… Also, if you want any other help just PM me or something! I love working on Mario/Yoshi style games!

I myself am not a fan of fan games (no pun intended) however, a mario remake on Blender does sound pretty cool.