Mario...ish Game Demo

Yaaay! My first game demo on blenderartists! – Updated with textured version!

-----Eh hem.-----

This is a “2D” game similar to Mario and Zody. I used p00f’s set-up for movement and camera. P00f, you rock! I did pretty much everything else myself.

Look for coins, breakable blocks, invisible blocks, and blocks that can be turned into coins with a button.

Here’s a screenshot…it’s not like Karaoke’s…this one’s real!

And here’s the exe! ----------------I fixed it now!!----------------

Give me feedback please!! Critisism is a game maker’s best friend!

Everything is white…

forget to pack the textures?

Stu, you forgot to pack your textures. Go to File >> Pack Data before you make your runtime.

I played it in wireframe from the .blend file. Cool looking game. “Mario” slides a bit when landing, which sometimes causes him to slide off of blocks. Also, I didn’t look to see how you set up your jumping, but sometimes he is standing on the ground and does not jump when you press space. Other than that, nice start, and the textures look good from your screenshot.

Right on!!

I love VS Super Mario Bros!!! it was my all time favorite arcade game!

Cant wait to try the textured version.

Your animations are nice and smooth!

nice work

Okay, all is fixed! Thanks for the little reminder guys!:slight_smile:

blendenzo: yeah, I need to fix the dynamics, but I haven’t figured out how to create a non-sliding yet smooth moving character. Little help?

p00f: your game (and methods) are an inspiration! Thanks!

What an excellent start!!

Love the texture-ing.

Man… now I wanna make a 2d game :stuck_out_tongue:

When he breaks the bricks, throw one at the camera… +global +Y.

A dust poof might look cool too.

Is there anything in the bricks? Coz i couldn’t find anything. other than that great start and i’m looking forward to the next demo!

Check out my sky tutorial to make some nice skies for your game.

Oh, cool!! I didn’t know that some blocks are invisible! You can’t get to the coin switch unless you find them. I could see everything in the wireframe version.

Stu, Not sure on your dynamic movement problem. I’d just use dLoc and lose some of the fluidity personally.

BTW, Dim’s sky tutorial will soon be on my site at
Part of it is there already, but I need to sleep now. Will finish transferring it tomorrow…

hey Stu…

Check out my example with the 2d camera setup…

I have so that the bird will do an absolute stop if you pull down on the controls.

if you want to stop the player from slideing you might want to make a keyboard sensor, with all keys and INV ticked… this means when no keys are pressed
it will do an action…
this along with a collision sensor to make sure he is on the floor, and a movement actuator with a very small value in the linV will make him stop.

you can find the camera setup here:

I did a couple more things to the bird as well… like an “Airtime” property…
the airtime lets you add diffrent aanimations when the player is in the air moveing… and on the ground moveing…
it will also let you time how long he jumps, so you can have “falling damage” from falling from too high.
it also allows you to have a nice Thump sound when he jumps off something really high.

I am going to start a new 2d game in a few days… I will make it with a bi-ped like a human.

This is pretty cool…
I love Mario! and mario type games.

Please keep up the god work :slight_smile:

Wow! That is awesome, man I remember the Super Mario days well :slight_smile:

sometimes he starts rotating… otherwise it’s a nice blender game

Wow! Thanks for feedback all!!

p00f: I’m not sure…I looked at it again, and your knight slides around too:( I’ll look into a dust…p00f…:slight_smile: Thanks for the advice!

blendenzo: I am using dLoc…thanks though!

Microwave: Read blendenzo’s last post:)

James XVI: Thanks, man!

Sim88: Uuuhhh, yeah. He does. I can’t think of a better alternative than what I’ve got. Hmmm. Wait. Maybe! I’ll see. Of course, I could just leave it so that everyone knows I modeled and textured the WHOLE character…:smiley:

One question. For my jump set-up, all floor sufaces have the property ‘floor’. “Mario” can only jump if he is colliding with that property. Now play the game and see what happens when you ALMOST collide with the top of a box (jump up the side and hold over). The character jumps up again, even though he doesn’t really touch the top of the box. It’s a problem:(

Anyway, thanks again everyone! I will work on enemies, more blocks, uneven terrain, ect.!

and your knight slides around too
Yea… you have to press the down arrow key to make him stop when he is on the floor.

the motion logic brick has a very small value, I think it is velocity global +.001 on the z axis… you will have to click on them to see the values.

after I fix a few broken things, I will upload a different setup, with an example on how to make them stop automatically.

it is going to be a top down 2d tutorial for games like the old Zelda 1, and newer games like MageSlayer, and the vampire chronicles, I will incorporate a different camera for games like Fallout, Diablo, and crusader…
I may even do a few cameras like resident evil where it pops to different locations as the player moves about the map.

anyways, I got to get back to it… I want to have a complete top down Demo in a week, I will upload the example today or tomorrow, as soon as I get everything working smoothly together


one last tip… Dloc will make so things dont collide correctly… If you start having problems with him falling thru things CHANGE the Dloc into a force or a linV… i bet it will solve your problem.
It will also solve if it is possible for the player to push his way into something that he should collide with. Or the player getting stuck inside things.

Here ya go:

This is just so you get the idea… the top down tutorial will be soon, This should help you out until then…

Press C to cycle thru the Cheezy cameras. (Ignore the camera setups, they all need to be re-done)

WSAD to move and turn the avitar…

dont press any keys and he should stop when he is on the floor. (if you don’t do a floor colider with this method the player will float in air)

Hope this helps
the fences are models I am going to use to make an alpha masked texture… in a real game fences like this will bring your game to a near halt.

Yeah! Good stuff! I’ll work with it and implement it to it’s best capacity. I could actually implement that quicksave and quickload method too!

And yes! A tutorial would be good! However, I would say don’t make it to complex, or it becomes to hard to modify!

Thanks p00f!!
P.S. - I’ve been playing a little REAL Mario for ideas…

Hey… Wasn’t Capt. Stu Flowers a guy from Red Vs Blue?

Hey, that’s pretty good for a first demo. I’d definately use another texture for the sky though, it looks a bit bland. Other than that it’s looking pretty good = )

Dim and Ven0mSevenX: Thanks for the input! The reason I have the “bland” sky texture is because I want a simple look to it. If the overall look got too fancy, then it wouldn’t seem as much like old Mario. That was my reasoning. But if you think it really would boost the game quality, I could change it!

tasers_r_tasty: Umm, I’m not sure what Red Vs Blue is. It’s just a name a friend gave me!

Thank you everyone! I’m taking a little break from computer stuff for a bit because my brain is like coffee grounds…back in a while!

Did your friend say why? (The name)