Mario...ish Game Demo

tasers, it was Capt. Butch Flowers. Stu, you can read about Red vs. Blue here if you’re interested: I didn’t know what it was either until I looked it up.

Sorry about taking the topic off on its own tangent. Anyways, I downloaded the demo and It plays nice.

For your sky: you could follow my tutorial and just not do the polarization part, but instead, scale it so that it’s small, and adjust your levels (Layer>Colors>Levels), then Erode or Dilate (Filters>Generic>Erode/Dilate). That should make your sky muck more cartoony. Another thing to do is add an overlay layer with a duplicate of the sky layer, and run some filters, like Edge Detect. There’s all kinds of cool stuff you can do. Hope that helps!


Cartoon skies are going to be the key, I think with this game.

You might want to stick with Cartoon textures as well… but that is just my opinion.

Blender has a pretty cool feature called for “toon” rendering… you could model your textures, and render them in blender, export them and import them.

I use Inkscape for Cartoon stuff as well… it draws uniform outlines around your shapes, to give a nice clean toon look.

one note on doing Toon stuff… I think that when people keep the outlines all the same width gives the game a nice appearance.
To me, it makes the game look more like a lot of time was taken on detail.
It seems to make the backgrounds match the game in the foreground a bit better.

one last thing I have learned with backdrops,
When i was doing Zody it was very hard to get he contrast between the foreground and background balanced.
The first level I made , it was hard to see the map and the characters, because of the bright backdrop.
The result, was the second map I made, with a dark backdrop… I found that much easier on the eyes

in some Cartoons they will make the backdrop either darker or lighter than the foreground, to make it stand out a bit more.

They will also Blur the backdrop sometimes, and leave the foreground sharp, for somewhat of a Depth of field effect.

Keep up the good work! you take suggestions very well… I bet you make a nice game :slight_smile:

yeah, Inkscape is the bomb. Perfect for all sorts of toony anything…

Man-o-man-o-man-man!!! You guys are awsome!

You’ve given me tons of feedback; I don’t know where to start! I do have a little problem though…and…dare I say it…to be honest, I don’t know (or haven’t tried yet) a lot of what you’re talking about!

I’ve pretty much only worked with Blender, Photoshop, Terrengen (a bit), and a little more. I’m not shirking your suggestions, I’m just not versed enough to do a lot of this yet! Plus, I have school and other things to attend to, so the learning takes time.

I was sort of just expecting a few “nice game, kinda fun” posts. You guys really want to see it improved and as good as it good be! Thanks!

I will do the best work with it as I can, and upgrade as I learn. GEEZE, there’s a lot to learn. I barely know basic, basic python. Alright! I’ll work on it as time permits.

Thanks again!!

P.S. - Blendenzo: Thanks for the info. RvB is actually pretty cool…


you got a great start :slight_smile:

Here is a bit on what “Toon” rendering is all about.

you can also lean most of what I do about ink scape in an afternoon with the top 2 tutorials.
basic and advanced:

I dont know what is going to be easyer…
if you already know blender a bit… i say spend time on blender.

Good luck with this :slight_smile:

p00f, your first link was broke. Fixed it:

looks like I pasted twice…
Thanks Blendenzo :slight_smile:

I will fix it now.

ok got it, thanks again :slight_smile:

Thanks for the links guys. I’ve never used inkscape, but it looks like the bomb for what I’m doing! As far as blender, i’ve used it for several years, just only recently have I had internet access. So I’m totally comfortable with all your average GE stuff, it’s the advanced that I’m learning. Thanks!

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good game. Anyone get more than 22 coins?