Mario Kart

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to show a model that I made today (10 hours total). I didn’t really work on texturing or lighting the scene well, I wanted to focus more on creating the model. Anyways, its a Kart model from Mario Kart rendered in Blender Cycles (only Blender was used - Blender renderer for the wireframe render). Its 30k triangles, but I feel like that could be reduced dramatically (I ended up using the bevel tool a bit too much…).

Let me know what you think and what I could improve on. Thanks!

(Oh yeah, obligatory “First post!”)


Very nice.

Although to me the steering wheel looks too small, and a little too high up. There are also some weird artifacts on the chair, perhaps from a sub surface modifier.

Welcome to Blender Artists and may your blendering get funner. I think it looks pretty good, not wide enough maybe and maybe a little to high, all it needs now is Mario and a scene.

Thanks for the tips! I’m fairly sure that the reason the Wheel & Chair don’t look as good is because those were the last models I made at the end of the day (10 hours staring at Blender is a bit much imo). I also think that I should improve the wheel model as well.

The reason for the width being off might be because I made most of the model by just looking at a single reference image from an angle, so I didn’t really have a good reference for how wide the entire kart should actually be.

I’m working on some other models for an iOS game I’m developing right now, but once that’s done I’ll try to get around to fixing this one.