Mario type game. Anyone wana join?

I’m making a simple Mario game (not much creativity) and I don’t really know how to model/rig/texture/animate so I’m doing the logic bricks and it looks like ill need some python too. Right now I have a cone for the character so I was hoping someone (or some people) could make a model of Mario or a new character and animate them walking, jumping and turning. Also theres modes for enemies that need to be done at some point. I’ll try to learn to model at some point but right now I’m focusing on logic bricks and python.

Edit: Heres a screenshot. Just started the game but I have to redo most of it when I get new models.

interesting… You should try to learn some basic animation, rigging and modelling yourself, because working over the internet with other people is hard… You need to be able to edit people’s animation, rig or model just in case you don’t like it. Anyways,

much luck with this game, it looks fun :D!


I can do that stuff just really poorly.

You don’t want a Mario model in your game for copyright reasons.
(I have a model someone ripped from Mario Galaxy though…)

Right. You can make a “Mario-type” game, but if you use a model of Mario you won’t be able to post it here.

And Minifig, you’re okay since you didn’t post the ripped model, but it would be best if you did not mention ripped models, either, since they’re definitely illegal.

Oh, I just use it as a reference model.:wink:

I ripped halo models.

not that relavant to the thread and its realy not that hard to rip models from halo

I really don’t care what the model looks like. Just something better looking than a cone…

im sorry but its a bit early for you to start making a game if u can only work with primatives. although if this game has realy realy REALY good gameplay then it might just be let off. anywho you could download some models from here.

moffboffjoe your an idiot. I know it’s not hard. I’m just saying that Plantperson was talking like ripping models is really bad. I was just saying I did it too.

And its not early for him to make a game with primatives! You must suck at the game engine moffboffjoe because everyone who is actually good at it would know that those primatives could be the base character, and be filled with a different model and animation later.

BTW: Frankie, don’t let people bring you down. Keep at the game.

What type of character do you want?
I’m starting modeling a simple character for practice, and you can have him when I’m done. If you want him.:slight_smile:

People aren’t bringing him down they are giving constuctive criticism. The set up so far is a cone that slides side to side and bounces. Most people here could rig that up in 5 min.

Frankie, You need to hone your skills a bit more before you start game projects in the forums. It’s a mistake most of us are guilty of even though some of the more arogant have forgotten it.
On youtube, the noob to pro wiki, vimeo and here there are a lot of tutorials relating to the game engine. Not all of them are great (Youtube has many that are terrible, teaching bad practice by people who haven’t mastered the engine yet) but they will help you in learning how to use the engine.
The classic line on these forums is go make a maze game. The maze game is a very simple concept (doesn’t require a maze) where you have a character moving and colliding with physics.

The things I recommend you look up and try and learn is:

-Box modeling (its a type of modeling, I’m not telling you to make a bunch of cubes;))

-Linking groups (yo frankie tutorial is great)

-Rigging (create groups from bone heat or weight painting, the first is easier but can cause pinching deformations)

-Learn how to make characters move with servo controls. Most people start with dloc because it’s easiest but it’s a mistake. Servos react with the physics engine the best and give the most natural movement. You can still use drot for turning though. Look up the servo demos

-Learn a bit about structure and organisation. In the resource board I have an article about this and there are a few others. No method is perfect but look around and find one which suits you

-UV unwraping is a vital skill and is often overlooked. The unwraping suzanne tutorial should teach you the basics. The most important thing is hide your seams and minimize wasted space

-Texturing in blender isn’t the best. It has a limited paint program but no one really uses it. Use the GIMP instead, it’s like a free version of photoshop

-Python. The best way, I think, of getting into python is script deconstruction. Use people scripts and tweak them to do what you want them to. I’m by no means skilled in python though so you can take my advice on the subject with a piece of salt. To become really skilled though you will need to learn it ground up.

-The best way to learn to animate is practice practice practice. There are tutorials on run and walk cycles to start with. The animation section here is filled with skilled individuals who will critique animations you create so you should use this resource. You can also render them and upload to Youtube where people will also critique (though they may know less and be more rude)

-GLSL materials and nodes are pivotal to making your games look their best. Look this up last as the above points are more important but for that next gen sheen GLSL is the way to go.

A final tip I have is that when you play games take a moment to deconstruct them. Look around the level for repeated objects and textures. Try and clone movement and animations. Figure out how certain things are done and copy it.

Best of luck!

“Box Modelling??” No offence, but wouldn’t it be easier and faster to cylinder model? Especially if you make the a cube into cylinder, so I figured, why heck would I waste my time making a cube into a cylinder when blender can load a 6 vertex cylinder… :yes:
lol, yeah, but box modelling gets you started, then do cylinder modelling, doing both is a great deal of experience… lol (I personally can do both :wink: pretty decently)

Linkxgl: LoL, That isn’t at all what box modeling is. It does’nt mean cube modeling. lol Box modeling you use primitives and cylinders are included.

Frankie: Here is a character you can use. It isn’t rigged yet though.

Lol, I know what box modelling is… But if your going to make the cube into a cylinder anyways to start of the body part of a humanoid character, than why not just add a 6 vertex cylinder? I don’t think you understand what I’m talking about…

With box modelling you use a cube you extrude it, scale the sides, ect, until you have the body, than you start with the shoulder you make an opening with usually 6 vertices, then you extrude. Same with the legs, 6 vertex opening extrude the leg out and shape it…

In Cylinder Modelling you add 5 cylinders, 1 body, 2 legs, 2 arms, than you just shape out the cylinders, connect them correctly to the body and there you have it…

You both get the same result, but it depends on which one is easier for people to use…

I’m talking about 2 different strategies or working… Cube Modelling, to me, is a strategy.

Actually box modeling uses all primitives(cones, cubes, cylinders, circles, all the things in the add menu)

Cylinder modeling sounds a bit weird. Fast but not with the best results. Box modeling is the way to go. It’s also known as extrusion modeling and it is (IMO) the best way to model low to medium poly characters.

Here is a modeling tutorial that shows the method. It’s universally used in the games and animation industry and it is the best way to get good topology and deformations for your models. Box is standard. You will find more tutorials using this technique and get much better much more efficient models.

Even the monkeys?

I downloaded the file and when I tried to open it blender crashed. This happens a lot with blend files I download online. Any idea why?