i thought il make mario… just for fun and practise. the thing i found most har was the hands because i had no experience in making them. all the other chars ditent have fingers.


it’s gpn a day and no one has said anything=( is it so uninteresting?

well… its nice… mabe you could do a animatoin with it?:slight_smile:

its nice… the textures are lakking though

i don’t know how to parent the bone to the vertices i want to yet… i have tryed weight painting but it makes strange deformations allot… if i could rig him i would probably make an animation. as for the textures, mario is a cartoonish char so i probably won’t texture him. i have seen textures on him on other models though…

looks alright maybe the hands are kinda small

Hi, it looks good. Here are several items to improve it:

  • Lack of ears.
  • Lack of hair.
  • Lack of his “M” in his cap! :wink:
  • Remove the white color from the specular component of your materials to get rid of the “plastic” effect.
  • Shorten slightly his arms and his hands.
  • Put its palms parallel to his body.
  • Shorten his legs; Mario almost has no legs :slight_smile:

I think it will improve your model very much.

Also moustache look bit odd for me. It need some work, but you can make it :slight_smile:

i would like to have an m in hes cap but how can i get the m to be where i want on the cap?? witout uv mapping

To get the M or anything else u want…download gimp, and u just draw it like it would appear right in front of you…and u will have to uv map not hard. and blah blah blah blah blah…your got a M!