Maritime basic simulations with scenario

Fuerther posts now discontinued so previous details no invalid.

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removed no longer valid!

Apparently as there is minimal interest at best, in Blender Artists, for serious simulations in Blender/Game Engine I have decided the only other simulations I will probably now make available for download will be the river Mersey and surrouding areas, era maybe 1830s.
The surrounding areas eould be rivers and Dee.


nice work , remainded me of the old nevalogic games !!!
its been to long sens someone posted something in this section !!!

Thanks for post. I had a look at nevalogic but a slight difference…
Mine are based on real life terrain and real docks and harbours, (smile).

Just to mention for others I don’t make routes and content for commecial gain so there is nothing to pay for content or for routes.
The only thing is content and routes must NOT be used for commercial gain!

Also the usual terms… use at your own risk as regards possible computer problems such a lockups or loss of data. Maybe best to backup important files.

Although the routes are based on real life much will probably be approximate with some guesswork. Same applies to any dates or descriptions in the readme or on my site.

I am remaking Silloth so maybe upload it in few days or a week or so as ‘completed’ (for this version). Also eventually I will have to rotate them 'if ’ I carry on as a paid for domain site.

Not sure what scenario to make, may be back to floating barrels and barge run agroud or capsized as barges and small coasters use to rest on the shingle-bed and float off with the tide. (tides are easy to make but won’ include them in this series of versions).
You can always make your own variations such as a minefield to thread through but have the boat go invisible if it touches one…but that’s for others.


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No longer valid and removed as fuerther posts now discontinued

Silloth available for download.

Copied from readme.
Silloth Scenario

Using the drivable sailing flat with main with jib.
Manoever probably in reverse wa(s)d, to move around the berthed empty barges around the sailing-flat.
key 2 open dock gates
‘Sail’ out of the docks.
key 3 to close dock gates.

On leaving turn right and head towards Skinburness, trees and the single jib sailing-flat that has run aground.
Rescue the crewman and salvage the barrels.
You will need to approach as near as possible, keeping in mind there is an invisible collision box around the ships hull and sails, down to the waterline.

When completed if you wish return to docks,open dock gates key 2, berth alongside a quay, close the dock gates key 3. When reversing the boat will move very slowly to account for it being a sailing barge, to keep as realistic as possible to real life.

Nothing for sale.
Routes or content Not to be used for commercial use!


P.S. Using the keyboard, is it possible to stop and restart ships on preset routes made time line and set up with logic bricks, as in solway/annan route…2.79b ? This would enbale the user of the route to control the ships and create interesting scenarios?

removed as no longer relevant

As mentioned I have finished posting on Blender Artists unless I can find an alternative. Possibly static ships and review ‘game engine’ later if upbge becomes embedded version in Blender.
If you are interested, you could contact me maybe. I post on the the ship simulators section of …

It is mainly train simulations
You would need to register and post in relevant section.
Back to the real virtual world of simulations which is what I make in Blender!.


Link removed, website closed.