Maritime Downloads - Sailing Ships and Coastal - Section 2

Links to zipfiles will removed as wordpad with the terms and details no longer seems to open using windows 10

I have uploaded a different version as well as repaired tree errors and added drivable sailing-flat as well as the sloop.

Ravenglass dries out as a port at low tide but some of the river channels might be navigable for small craft.
It was used as a port for centuries from the time of the romans. In roman times possibly used for military.
The era that I am continuing with is the age of sail. It was used as a fishing port and there was a buoy to mark the deep water channel at he mouth of the estuary. Three rivers run into the estuary. So added a ‘floating’ fixed barrel as a marker buoy. Also added the sailing flat in addition to the sloop, both drivable in this latest version. Also repaired a few faults.

Drivable sloop and sailing-flat either side of buoy (barrel).
The main road runs along then ends at the seas edge. Can be seen in real life on-line map.

Ravenglass three rivers

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I will carry on from Liverpool docks c1800 as described in previous details. That route alone will need a lot more work on it and perhaps redo parts and split into several routes.
Area will be Liverpool docks and upriver barge docks. Also perhaps schooner shipyards up-river.

Scenarios are definitely out and no need for drivable except perhaps for single sailing flat at locks at Ellesmere Port. Maybe just preset routes and static (floating) if I can make them interesting for myself !

Definitely seems to be a one man band. You can always make your own, ‘should you be interested’, copy and paste ships or whatever from one route to another. B

I am using windows 7. Support ends completely 14 Jan 2000 I think and will replace with windows 10.

It will be a while untill I sort things out, hardware and software, so might or might not post again, apart from little or no interest in real life simulations, scenarios, etc, on these forums from members, so it has become of little interest to me. I have no idea how many download the 50 or so maritime routes outside of these forums.

Use at your own risk.
Not for commercial use.

Just discovered that ‘Nautis Home’ a new ship simulator following on from shipsim and professional maritime simulations is in pre-alpha production.
If so that might help me to maintain an interest in the basic mini maritime routes I make with 2.79b Blender. I will re-evaluate the position of the maritime route making after New Year.

I still maintain that Blender Game Engine (in some format) could create realistic simulations and expand members interests from the currrent limited small games. I bought the early version of ship sim 2006, 2008

Aplogies for the slight off-topic but it helps to explain what simulations are about, whether, rail, road, maritime, or aviation worldwide.

I will possibly look in from time to time to this thread to see if any developments of free downloads of any simulations relating to maritime, road, rail, aviation. If so I might resume making/uploading content.


Each route in future will probably have a few versions. Each one you can regard as a seperate completed route all within the 5 meg limit. Again making these mainly for my own interest but probably I will also make them available for download as before. I am not sure how to continue with these routes.

I will now only be using, as before, 2.79b Blender, so you will probably need to have 2.79 installed to use the routes. It is an easy matter to leave one installed on your computer if you wish to run any of my routes. I regard 2.79b as having permanency instead of continual change which is what is needed for simulations.
i might continue where I left off. at the east coast. I will put them in order and consider.


I have made a summary chart of the available routes at time of posting to help clarify the availability.
26 Nov 2019.
I have summarised the available download routes on this page 2. Seventeen routes 17 available. Please also refer to page one which has 39 routes summarised. Just a screenshot but helps to clarify what is available.
Usual terms Not for commercial use - used at your own risk.
You will require blender 2.79b. from the archives.
I noticed 3 routes have the same name but they possibly had errors/amendments, rectified and reloaded etc.

So at least I know where I am up to with these routes. This page 2 is mainly remakes and improvements, such as using Alt plus D to make hundreds of trees and many vessels, etc.

Also of course endless scenarios/games can be embedded into the simulations.

Again 56 routes made
39 downloads page 1
17 downloads. PAGE

Added Lands’End a basic route, described a few posts further on. A basic route, terrain, sea animated for rise and fall, drivable schooner, roaming camera.

As regards further routes not sure whether I will continue or not but at least got this far. Not made there is nearly all of Scotland snf the various islands, South coast of England and all Ireland. Perhaps steamships but I don’t seem to be able to get started on them.


Another pause to consider types of routes. Also I will have to set up new computer with windows 10. A reminder windows, 7 ends support 12 Jan 2020.

Portreath seems to be the last one made as regards zip file 31.
I need to unravel the list to find where I am up to. So a few more posts yet to sort the list out.

Both lists now on this page. Next I need to place them into name order but keep the route zip file name unaltered. Maybe another single list in name order of the 56 downloadablle routes? B

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So we have a seperate list for what is on Page 1 (39 maritime downloadable routes)
Seperate list for what is on Page 2 (17 maritime downloadable routes)

I have combined the two lists into 1 full comprehensive list of the available dowloads at the time of posting.

Next I will sort them by route name, but keeping the download name of the zip untouched.

Maritime routes in alphabetical order. Just as a rough guide and you can always check with the lists shown for page 1, or page 2, or combined.
Any other routes at a later date will have seperate list/s

I noticed an error for Fleetwood with duplicated name.
Ilfracombe spelt wrong. I can’t correct them as they are screenhots.

Right I have sorted out the 56 routes as shown in the 4 print- screen lists. Tomorrow new computer so will see what will still work and won’t work with wndows 10.

Lands’ End at the tip of England.
This is a very basic but ‘completed’ route for Land’End as far as I am concerned. It completes the range of routes started from the Solway Firth 56 or so routes ago. Solway Firth is the border of Scotland, then following the coastline down to the tip of England Cornwall and Land’s End.
The route has terrain mesh and sea, texture and single drivable schooner, roaming camera, I have not included any docks, buildings or trees etc.

However you can always work on routes yourself if you wish to ‘improve’ them for yourselfs.

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I must try a make a steamship to use within the 5 meg limit routes, but had a few tries but no progress except a basic paddle steamer. However I would keep to screw-drive propellor.

Is this a game of parkour ?

I have never heard of parkour and had to look it up.
The answer is no. By keeping The limit size Blender Artists seems to allow zip downloads below 5 megabyte each, and I thank them for that. Without that you would not have any routes to download.

Whatever gave you that idea o_O ?

I think it is now time for me to call a complete stop to making endless different coastal routes for reasons I have mentiond previously. I may make a large series of 12 to 15km max. small routes of sections of the the river mersey and surroundings, but the main river will the the Mersey - possibly c1800. These will mainly be for my own interests.
If I proceed with this, details will be on this page. B

I have chnaged to windows 10 as windows 7 has the support stopped 14 Jan I think.
Needless to say each change seems to brings problems.
In each zip file I enclosed details on wordpad.
This will now no longer open as I think it is tied to ‘office’.
I need something entirely independant of Windows but what?
Sorry about the offtopic but it directly afffects the details of the 56 routes available for download and instructions.
So Use at your own risk and not for commercial use.

I wonder if Ishould delete all the download links as people outside of these forums can download them and no readable instructions in each route?

Although the terms and conditions are simple I do not think it right that they now cannot be read if using windows 10.
Simple Terms use at your own risk and not for commercial use.
Also it has details of which keys to use to start some animations and stArt the routes.

So I have decided to remove all the links to the routes 56 of them. Probbaly they would still need to be removed wherever stored in ba.