Maritime routes downloads:

The Lizard, Helford. Falmouth.
large route 35 km.
Another very large one and just about managed to make he terraIn without adding much so also removed.

Please note that you use any of my routes entirely at your own risk. Not for commercial use, Not to sell. B


you should make a video and upload on and publish it here. People are more eager to watch a video than test a .blend

Thanks for post but my interest is past ages and bygone times.
It is up to others if they wish to download or not. That is up to them. At least I know the score with Blender Artists.

40 Routes completes what I said I would do follow the coastline from the Solway Firth on the borders of Scotland, past Wales and around to the southern tip of England.
Also there is a restriction of 5 megabyte on these forums for downloads.

This brings me to the summary. I won’t post more on the completed game forum section as 40 routes for download is more than enough. Probably I will return to work in progress page as looking at more detailed section from the Mersey around to North Wales about 12 to 15 km per section. within the 5 meg Blender Artists limit. This could take a very long time as might remake Conway castle and several more .

If any response or queries I might be able to reply.

Incidentally if people wish to use the simulation nobody is testing a blend. These are completed simulations. Very easy to double click a blend then press game/start game engine. Takes maybe one minute. i have no interest in making videos.
As mentioned I make routes relating to the past ages and bygone times. Whether anybody has any interest in maritime simulations is entirely up to them. The occasional single person might be and that is why I make them. B

why would people even download and open a blend if they don’t even know what your game/simulation is about ? And trust me, writing 100’s lines of game description won’t push the curiosity of anyone.

It’s up to you to have your work completely ignored. We living in the youtube - fast click age, you have to deal with it.

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Conwy castle.Lverpools very first dock buily 1715

Finally I completed exactly what I said I would do and I have yet to find any serious simulations on these forums. Perhaps if you know of any you could kindly make a link to them. The routes exend from the Solway Firth around the coastline to the tip of England.

Happy Sailing ! (smile)

P.S. I deleted Conwy castle and the bridge version of Liverpool’s first dock some time back.

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you can use OBS and upload a mp4 like here

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I would much pefer the age of sail and the horse drawn barges along the thousandScanalandbarge of miles of canals in the UK

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What a good idea thousands of lines of description would be better !
I must look into that and will add a long description with the readme or create new descrIption page in the zip file.
It would take more than a fast click age to create routes.
As they need a lot of research and skill to reduce to 5 meg. Small fleeting videos are of no use whatsover! Descriptive details in length are essential as regards the past coastal ages.

I was going to wait before posting more routes but after your post it has triggered me to to continue with South coast and Scotland with long descriptive pages in the zip file for each individual route in addition to the readme! I might even start on the coast of Ireland. After opening the zip file if the person does not wish to run the enclosed route they can always just read the descriptions of the coastal past ages at their leisure.


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@RandomPerson could work with you.

Some changes starting from next route.
As mentioned each route will have a description page as well as the readme page.
Also no longer makng scenarios.
No longer uing drivable vessels, but the 41 routes availble to download should have one or more unless I forgot.
The emphasis is on the era of sail and also possibly canals.
Each vessel used will have a preset route made for it using timeline. Some might have just on preset route, Some might pause by quayside before moving on.

If I start them from seperate keys you night need to make a schedule (smile) . It is all experimerimental so nothing written in stone.

P.S The descriptive page/s in the zip file will replace the readme page in future lists, as basics are repeated in the descriptve page. I will continue from Portreath as it has a harbour. if I make more but 15km to 20km as 35 km too large to be useful.

This route is the first in the series with readme and descriptive page. Also no drivable vessels, no scenarios.
Preset route in each.
Portreath Cornwall.
I find the preset route at least one in each route more interesting than previous methods and future routes will have this format and below 5 meg for each route.

Barry (4.4 MB)

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I have made an alternative Solway route with 2 preset vessel routes. There are no drivable vessels. Also a description page is included in the zip file replaced the readme. This format as explained is now for all routes that I make. Also I may make alternative routes from already made routes. All routes are complete in themselves. Not demos.
Key 1 starts the schooner
key 2 starts the sailing flat.
You might need to experiment when you press them to avoid colliding. Made with 2.79b, timeline and logic brick setting.

B (3.9 MB)

To keep to the finished routes I have removed most of this post as decided it was off topic.

Happy Maritime coastal exploration (smile)

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I decided the post was not relevant to my completed routes for download,
The description and details will be in the zip file . B

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where are you from ?

@barrymaritime + @blenderaptor

You might want to continue this topic in private if you guys haven’t already.

This page is for the maritime routes available downloads.
Sould you have a problem with running any of the routes please detail and will take a look at it.
Please keep your posts relevant to downloading the routes.
and running them !


The emphasis on inlets, rivers, harbours, coast with places for vessels to travel between on preset routes perhaps . I will probably be working on all of the routes I have already made and might remake, change or add to them. At present its either 15km or 30km. Made both sizes. Max. route size under 5 meg. B

I have summarised all the routes that are downloadable on this page 1 of the maritime routes, They are all up t or under 5 meg.
You will require blender version 2.79b or maybe 2.79 to run them.
This is easily downloaded from the Blender Archives.
Terms are simple
Not for commercial use.
Use at your own risk.
!If using windows 10, the details/readme in each route will no longer open. The same simple terms apply to each route. Use at your own risk - not for commercial use.I am considering altering every route with wordpad removed and making the keyboad keys standard in each route.