Maritime simulations , era of sail. Newly joined , which forum - some downloads?

Please refer to completed games forum. B

The threads seem to have been sorted out so routes completed are on Blender Game Engine Forum. Work in Progress, discussion and queries, etc relevant to the downloads on this forum (I think). So far no interest in the maritime simulation routes so as mentioned if not enough interest I won’t post further but refer to my website for further details. B

I am in the process of putting back onto my site the ‘completed’ maritime simulations. Era 1800-1815 pretend. I am working my way around the part of UK coastline. Routes are now back to size 20km approx. as suspended the idea of using 50km size routes. The 20 km size are more adaptable for creating the river systems. srtm2 satellite files converted with script makes the terrain. More details are on the completed Game Engine routes forum and also refer to my site for available downloads and further details. I have returned to the method of keeping the texture files seperate in each route folder rather than reading from a single textures folder for all routes.

I should add these are simulations and not games and are based on past decades so can never be completed. There will always content to make and to alter and details to find out about coastal life of about 200 years or more ago.

A few of the routes have reasonable detail but most will be ‘basic’…srtm2 terrain, textured, roaming camera, drivable sail ship or barge on each. Animated ‘sea’ to simulate rise and fall as ‘solid’ plane for wave swell. Routes will have to be rotated as download space limited. Also while the software I use seems to be working OK I will be concentrating on making much of the uk coastline as the basic route. So far 26 to 28 made. Solway Firth around to North Wales Barmouth including castle at Conwy. This is an ongoing process and routes will me made and updated at a leisurely pastime rate of progress.

That about updates the position.