Maritime World of Blender Part 2

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I will still be making routes available for download but as regards these forums… simulations and games are two entirely different things !

So from now on, first and foremost I am making these routes for myself so I won’t include any further simple scenarios in the routes (unless requested). Most routes to start with will be terrain and sea. Harbours won’t be added and rivers won’t be opened up…until later.

Also I probably won’t include any further screenshots on these forums

Further details will be on my site Age of sail and possibly early paddle steamers.

Discussion and relevant queries of course welcome.
‘Critique’ obviously has no place for simulations!
Varying routes for download will be available from one day upwards as no longer any set times. That about updates the details.


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Update as mentioned I will probably concentrate mostsly on routes 1 to 20 Solway Firth to Barmouth. which I will probably rotate in blocks of 5.

However possibly the following might be of interest to the occasional person on these forums.

Basic routes made, 47 of West coast of UK, around to Lands End from Solway Firth on the borders of Scotland to tip of Cornwall, Engand.

At the time of writing I can make single routes available for one day. If you name the area within the range, 21 to 47 I can put an overhead screenshot on the forum 25km approx. Then you confirm it is what you want and I will date it and probbaly make it downloadabe for one day. I can only leave one of thse online at a time as they are in addition to the others online.

Data based on srtm2/hgt data for terrain. Sea and estuary made by lowering terrain 9 meters approx. Sea animated sheet, 4 vertices to rise and fall approx. a meter to simulate wave swell. basic mereged colour terrain textures, No drivable ship. Rivers you can open up by lowering terrain along their course using an overlay. Needs 1.79 embedded installed. So you can decorate it with your own textures, people, ships, vegetation or whatever.

I can clarify the post further ‘should’ anybody be interested.


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I think to improve this idea and not restricting myself to which routes to work on or make available, so a bit like like a library…
If the link to a route for download is not active then choose any 1 of the remaining routes out of the current 47. (00 to 47). Routes are named on my site, The name and number just helps to identify the consecutive order on the coastline as there will be a lot of different places in 25km size routes.

I will make a screenshot you confirm it is the one you want and will pack it into a zip file if it isn’t zipped, and make it available for one day. One route at a time though extra on my site and will keep it seperate from the others. This will enable me to see how the idea works out.
After a day I remove the link to it which makes space for the next person and so on. This is sperate from any of the other routes available for download and will make a seperate section for it…

A long while back I made all the West coast of Scotland but at 45 km size. Might take a virtual trip around the West coast of Scotland again and extend the 25km routes. Start at the Solway Firth and travel north in 25km steps. It will take me a long while…but no hurry and will have a nice ‘library’ of routes to work on/update at a leisurely rate. If UPBGE beomes a viable option for embedded and can read BGE then will look into that idea at a later date .


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Even though interest is very sparse for real life simulations on these forums in a way it is helping as I adjust to the situation.

I will be updating a few of the 25km routes that have some content but 25km routes without content (basic) will be remade to 35km which seems to work fine .

They work out at approx 260,000 vertices or so.
By removing most of the seabed as mentioned previously that removes about 100,000 vertices or more. A margin left around the edge of the terrain unde the sea, and a thin frame around the terrain under the sea. helps with the texture position and placng harbours
I replace the 100,000 vertices with a 4 vertice seabed set to minus 8 meters which covers the 35 km. margn at minus 9, sea at zero animated to rise and fall a meter.

Replaced the st.bees and millom routes with one route continuous with the adjacent routes around the coastline. Whether they will work OK on other laptops etc, I have no idea.

These will be made available in due course.


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Can several different moving ships, set up in timeline, share the same texture? Same with drivable could three seperate ships share the same texture?

I seem to rememember many years ago in Blender each seperate animation required its own texture. More concerned with function rather than texture quality. Easy enough to make the ship texture quarter or half original size and rename each seperately. Could then set up a few more ships/barges on preset routes. B

(Daedalus_MDW) #46

you should be able to share everything. materials, mesh, textures, images, etc.

the only issues would be dynamic textures, and thats not something that really works at all.

(barrymaritime) #47

Thanks Daedalus

(barrymaritime) #48

Regarding available downloads Conway castle and river, River Mersey are back online…still needs Ellesmere Port barge complex making, Also remade St Bees at 35km put on-line which includes Millom. Delated original 2 seperate 25 km St Bees, mIllom. Basic and terrain texturing later.
Also the first 3 are online solway, Silloth and St Marys, Whitehaven with 3 ports. Total 6.
All the others are basic and will see what I can remake at 35 km. with replaced seabed, vert sync still 60, windows 7. Barry

(smithian) #49

I like the screenshots. Can you add them back in here?


(barrymaritime) #50

Hello Ian,
Haven’t made much new content so far as trying to work out the best method for the route size which seems to be 35km not 25km as too many routes…
Do you want the overhead view or is it mainly just close up as I could start posting them again.
Overhead view is mainly just for layout and new st Bees has the both the previous Millom and St Bees fitted into it. The terrain clours are just what I set in 3DEM and will lok better when I add a few phot0 textures.
Must remake the schooner which should liven the scenes up a bit. Barry

(barrymaritime) #51

Barrow-in-Furness and the Morecambe sperate routes are now in the one 35km route. Seabed replaced with 4 vertices flat seabed and removed about 100,000 vertices. B

This route also now online so back to total 7 online…equivalent to 9 of the previous routes.

(barrymaritime) #52

I think one more for now of Conway castle. I have left the river-gate entrance on which no longer exists. Same as Deganwy harbour opposite which is comparatively recent but again already fallen into disuse as a commercial dock. It is now a large marina and housing complex . So to try and keep to one era I don’t think is possible. Needs a few small steamships. On the previous route which I deleted a while ago. I had the wool mill upriver at trefriw and the slate quay at trefriw. The paddle wheels of the old mill I ‘borrowed’ and put them onto the schooner, leaving a small mast on and added a funnel. So another item to make.
Conway route is back online for download

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The new system of file route size at about 35km instead of 25km seems to be working out OK. Currently I have 9 routes available for download which is equivalent to 13 I think of the previous routes as left a few at 25km. I need to make nearly half the area sea which I then lower. (select linked flat planes) set to minus 9 or 10 meters. Then make a make a margin by control and minus of the selected sea for 2 or 3 mouse clicks. The rest I then delete. A flat seabed of 4 vertices then set over the full route at minus 8 meters, Water sheet at zero.

Might manage another one for download of the Menai Straits. About half have some content. Might have to start to rotate them…

48 were made at 25 km. so by remaking them at 35km it should get them down to about another 25 to make with 10 made… depending on the terrain type. The basic routes can be fairly asily made with srtm2 data. copy and paste ship, water sheet, roaming camera, trees, etc.

If the places I mention are not known to you and interested in maritime you can easily follow the coastline of the routes from Solway Firth to Lands End on the Bing or Google online maps.

If you want to follow the routes of live vessel movements there is a link on my site for ship AIS.
Then will start adding some content and vegetation…over the years. also maybe start off a few routes of the West Coast of Scotland working North from Solway Firth on the borders of Scotland.

The list of items to make can be endless. Eventually I need to make quite a few castles as only Conwy castle made. There is Flint, Rhuddlan, Beamaris, Caernarvon, Harlech and… more.


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Route 10 is the Menai Straits on line. Seperates Anglesey from North Wales and dangerous currents (Swellies) in real life between the bridges. About half the ten have additional content, the other half are basic. About 5 remade to 35 km instead of 25km …so equivalent in coastal area to about 15 of the previous routes.

I don’t know how long I will leave the 10 online. Once I remake another 20 to 25 should bring me back to the Lands End, tip of Cornwall, then will probbaly start updating them and rotate say 8 . add one remove one leaving 8 online perhaps at any one time equivalent to approx 12 of the previous routes at 25km.

There ar numerous ways you can use the routes. Make drivable ships to put on them, add your own content, If more interested in a game element make a cannonade to bring down Conway Castle (smile), make scenarios, make dangerous currents, minefields,shipwrecks, animate bridges…the list is endless. Use any of my routes or content strictly at you own risk as regards computer lock-ups or loss of data - backup important files and maybe run a malware and virus scan! I must add no problems on my own computer so far with them.

And also if no interest then of course no need to post ! !
All these type of routes are artistic as impossible to create reality as it really was of the decades and centuries gone by. Much can only be your own interpretation using the available functions and sofware.


(smithian) #55

I prefer the image of ships in port. It’s amazing how they have been generated.


(barrymaritime) #56

The drivable ships/boats are just my own method of of an offset collision box around the vessel and collision box around the flat sea sheet at 35km at 4 vertices.

Anyway I have decided no longer including drivable ship/boats with what I am making now and might delete them on the remainder of rputes when I get around to updating them. I have no interest spending hours driving ships around the routes myself.

An easy method to make a margin around the land at -10 meters. Select linked flat faces. Next flat seabed sheet 4 vertices slotted in and joined to main terrain set to minus 8 meters. Texture the lot with basic merged colour texture, photo texture later.

Next control and minus makes the margin around terrain with two clicks for an extra 3 faces acround the whole terrain (underwater) and keeps the slope. The rest of the seabed deleted saving 100,000 faces more or less.

Routes in future will be just be for ship movements and other animations of coastal objects, etc

(barrymaritime) #57

As regards time some routes could take years for any realism.
I don’t think its practical to rotate the routes I have made.

I will leave one route online, which will probbaly vary from time to time…possibly with updates.


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The alternative is keep to an area of coastline I know which includes the Isle of Man and extends around the coastline from the River Ribble to the Conwy. To try and cover 48 routes (made) from the Solway Firth to Lands End is no longer practical a each route would mainly be basic as would need a few lifetimes to work on them.

So I will put 8 routes back on line. I will remove any others.

Isle of Man at approx. 43km and the other 7 using the 25km size as better mesh details. The alternative 35km size needs the mesh subdividing in parts to make it finer. Isle of Man is the exception at 43km as full island and can remove half the mesh which is seaabed.

Isle of Man - full island.
Ribble and Douglas rivers
Formby Point with small river Alt
Mersey c1800
Mersey c1835
Dee Estuary
Rhyl coast and Clwyd.

I will begin to put these online and there will be updates (at a leisurely extended rate of time). . By concentrating on the eight routes I can include drivable ship on each for those who like to potter around, same with scenarios. Ships and barges wll be sail (solid one piece sails, etc).

Should this idea work out well, I can extend the idea with another eight or less around to Barmouth.

Menai Straits
Lleyn Peninsula


(barrymaritime) #59

Further details will probably be on my site.
Main interest is maritime past ages and bygone times.


(barrymaritime) #60

The available downloads for Blender maritime basic ship routes will be listed on my website, at the present time. These also might vary from time to time. While I still have the website I will use it to list a few available downloads. I have added a memo page which is more for myself to refer to but might be useful…use at your own risk as some details go back many years but deleted a lot of the old out of date info.

Regarding relevant discussion and queries post on this thread and will look in from time time to time.