Maritime World of Blender Part 2

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Routes on line updated and will rotate to enable a wider spread… Isle of Man to Barmouth. Currently about half on line but will probbaly reduce to 7 when I have been through the 21 routes once. I will probably add one remove one to spread over 21 routes. Although made… up to Land End at 48 routes I could either rotate through 48 simulations but unlikely to make any new content beyond route 21 Barmouth at thepresent time (00 is Isle of Man 45km approx). 21 simulations are more than enough to work on over an extended period of time.

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10 routes currently online at the time of writing. These will probably change form time to time. If interested just refer to my site I think is the easiest method for these forums. B

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Maritime routes even fairly basic can take months to make the content for them, etc., I have decided, for now, to leave 5 online that have some content with the 1800 Mersey route re-textured. A few of the routes have scenarios which makes them interactive. I have also included the 45 km route Isle of Man as detailed in other posts.


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Doubtful if the rotation idea would work on BA. Same applies to the ‘basic’ routes. B

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Doubtful if the rotation idea would work so removed

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So screenshots of routes that are/or have been available for download. Some with scenarios. The era will be is roughly age of sail bit the conwy route has a medieval castle entrance and Degany harbour say 1880 so everthing approximate or pretend. At least the srtm2 terrain is based on reality.
Isle of Man

Solway Firth Annan

Solway Firth Whitehaven

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Part 2

Conwy castle, Deganwy, Gt. Orme Headland

Solway Firth Silloth

Mersey c1

c1800 docks layout

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Solway Firth area. As the routes are not games I have decided to remove the scenarios. They are easy enough for other to make if they want a game element.

So if I make anymore routes available fo download they will start off from terrain and sea made. Rivers to be made. Animated water to rise and fall to simulate wave swell made. roaming camera made.

Again easy enough to make drivable boats by offsetting collision box so I will start to remove all the drivable ships/boats/barges. The routes are about past ages and bygone times and not about ship simulation.

Also I might return to plain merged colours rather than the photo texturing that I have been using…unless a different method becomes available as in Trainz train simulator. Just grass along the riverbanks maube.

3DEM will do until it stops working. Might even manage Scotland coastal with this method. Then will start adding the content trees, boats, buildings, etc…very slowly…and set the boats on preset tracks to move in the harbours and ports.

Routes can also go back to 35 km rather than 25km as removing the seabed and replace with 4 vertices seabed can remove up to about half the vertices in a route…many thousands.


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To follow on from the previous post I selected a cross section of the highest parts of route and textured it. Then hid that section and worked downwards in sections. Seems to work OK. Just needs some open source better rock textures, mountains with grass, rocky foreshore, etc. Combined the St Bees and Millon routes into one 35km route. Frame rate default 60 vert sync,

Unless there is enough harbour remaing in online maps impossible to make some harbours for past ages.

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Time for pause with BA

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Using the timeline to set up routes decided not to use that idea.
So back to floating static ships and boats and will leave 1 or more drivable ships/boats on (depending what I make)…mainly for others.

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As I have been trying to adapt my routes more in line with these forums and interests so I started to include scenarios etc in the routes.

However that seems to be a ‘mistake’, so will revert back to the main interest of my coastal maritime routes which is about the past ages and bygone times.

For many years I have had a few websites and initially it was mainly for postal history relating to a few centuries ago and other relevant items from the past centuries. These I started before 2004 (this section was removed years back). .

On joining these forums I thought it was about the versatility of Blender for making simulations !, art and small games. Apparently from what I can make out I was mistaken.

Regarding the routes 48 made at 25 km and most as previously explained start off a basic. These I might start making available as before as the basic starting routes and maybe updated from time to time.

Might reduce textures down to 256 rather than 512 which will be enough for what the site is about and reduce the size of the zipped download. I am not trying to make a sailing simulator!

My site is first and foremost to do with the past ages and bygone time. Originally the historic description I wrote around the content and routes I made in Blender.

So back to one drivable ship/boat/barge and initially will concentrate on opening the rivers up and running a photo texture along the river banks.

8 x 6 makes 48 so may rotate in blocks of 8 over 6 weeks or probably much longer. A few photo textures might be used along rivers etc and selected small areas, the rest will be merged colours made with 3DEM (if it continues to work).

I am not interested in any other Game Engines to make maritime routes, only Blender, which works well enough for me and suitable for maritime simulations. High quality of appearance is not important for my interests.


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I still have about 8 pages or so from the old removed site covering several routes and the the Leeds to Lverpool canal c1800 one mile section.

I removed these routes a while back. There are about 50 or so small screenshots which might still link up tothe descriptions. Also shows working locks I think, and tidal rise on the river Ribble Estuary…All made with Blender. This will give you a better idea of what the removed website was about. I will see if these pages will still upload with the image links.

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At present removed routes, to be listed as explained.
Uploaded 8 descriptive pages, all with mini screenshots.
These routes were deleted a while back and were made years ago. Inludes tidal illustration of single sea sheet in the routes.
However they all relate to the current routes which I am remaking (without tidal).
Perhaps you could post if the pages don’t load.
Checked them but thay might be reading from my computer.


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the website seems to be working well. hats off to you for continuing to post and update regardless of interest.

one of these days i might get around to posting on my project.

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Hello Daedalus thanks and appreciated your post.
I had a look at your work.
The goal of this project is to create an infinitely expandable universe spread across blend files.

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Regarding the routes details follow.

  1. Scenarios removed as not necessary.
  2. Most routes approximately 25 km square.
  3. Preset routes probably won’t now be used.
  4. From 1 to possibly 3 drivable ships/boats/barges in a route, others if included static or floating.
  5. Texturing will mainly be basic merged colours except perhaps photo textures grass. etc along the rivers, maybe sand along parts of beaches, etc.
  6. Age of sail pretend up to about 1815 with possibly very early paddle steamers. Much will be guesswork as harbours were made at many differnt periods across the many decades.
  7. Guesswork will include a jetty against where a harbour was sited or perhaps yet to be built after 1815. Also a clump of trees near the jetties to help to identify them.
  8. Downloads will be as follows. Build blocks of eight that I will rotate. Hower each block of 8 routes might take a while to create, so it will give plenty of time if interested. Then when completed, after about another week or so and will remove and start the procedure on the next block of eight and so on. Most routes will be BASIC to start as detailed previously.
  9. I am not making ship simulations as such but trying to show a ‘glimpse’ of the past ages and bygone times. I am not trying to create quality or perfection of any sort, so routes are not suitable for ‘critique’.
  10. Relevant ‘discussion’ always of interest. Serious talk like keeping the virtual inns and ships well stocked with grog and rum (smile).
  11. The routes start back at the Solway Firth and will follow around to Land’s End and the Lizard. All made but each mainly BASIC route will need minor updates and checking before zipping the file.


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This new system I think will work out better. Started to seperate the harbour areas from the main terrain mesh so I can then easily photo texture or change photo tetxures for each area. Whitehaven route 3 in the sequence has three harbours. So starting from this route seperating out the 3 harbours areas and probably use a grass texture. Problem with trying to texture large 25km routes with different photo textures means if you press the wrong key you overwrite a texture by error etc.

The other point really depends on others! If you want me to change the drivable ships to ‘always’ you could then control them yourself in local areas. However I have no idea how to change ‘always’ to stop and start from the keyboard keys. So if there is a very easy method suitable for the downloadable embedded routes by others perhaps mention. I could probably put invisble wall in the harbours

The other problem is the drivable boats drift a little when still. Water sheet rises and falls a meter or so to simulate wave swell. Again I don’t mind about drift but again up to others if they know of an easy way with the logic bricks. I can probably put 3 drivable on line or maybe a few more when I make another boat, each with seperate keys, not overlapping… wasd. tgh. ijkl. I think still a few combinations left on keyboard. So several drivable ship/barges on each route and they can be used locally in harbours etc, and no need to travlel long distances. Each ship/boat reading from it’s own texture with sepaerte name. I have abandoned the idea of the preset routes.

However it really does depend on others if you want me to make the changes as outlined. From my point of view I can just carry on regardless’. (smile)

There are 3 drivable boats I think on the two routes online and working on route 3 Whitehaven as detailed, so taking quite a while.


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Route 3 Whitehaven. The drift of moored boats was apparently caused by the water sheet of 25km set to to rise and fall a meter to sumulate wave swell. So took the tick out of the ‘and’ logic brick so still water and boats stay put.

Although I stopped the scenarios interesting situations can still be created by positioning the boats. I put the barges without sail moored but floating on the outside and the 3 sailing flats with different set of sails each on the inside,

If anybody knows of an easy solution for ‘always’ to changes to stop the start using the keyboard keys would make it more interesting as regards pottering about. Needs to be suitable to include in the download routes. I will take of the animated rise and fall of the sea I think which seems to move the boats a fraction with each rise and fall.
Put back on the animations for opening dock gates or miscellaneous key 1 for route 3. I will probbaly upload it today. making 3 updated online. B

(barrymaritime) #80

St Bees is next to upload later today probably. I won’t be mentioning each one, as 48 made but perhaps there is another reason for me not to stop making scenarios. St. Bees the next route has no harbours in the 25km route so you have terrain and only using one drivable boat for this one.

I think simple scenarios like collecting flotsam and jetsam like the floating barrrels will be useful for me, as it’s a way of storing the differnt content and textures for use perhaps in future routes.

The same applies to the capsized floating hulls, etc. In reality these are the beginning of making the boats, starting with the hull. Also out of one boat you can make at least 3 boats with different sail types, countless if you change the textures, or alter the design a little.

I won’t be making further preset ship routes using the timeline as this is time consuming and would be limited anyway to just a couple of moving ships.

Any animations such as dock gates etc I will continue making. Just one problem they were all hand operated decades ago, and need to remake some capstans again, at the side of each dock gate; bollards I have remade but also ladders need remaking.

Regarding the animated 25km sea sheet rising and falling a meter to simulate wave swell. As mentioned it was making the floating ships drift so static in future. It would need more than that for any real reality, but it all need to work within the 25km kilometer size routes and not drain the frame rates !?