Maritime World of Blender Part 2

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St.Bees route four I will probably upload later today.
Not all routes will have harbours for a few reasons.
For those that don’t I might make a simple scenario as explained as useful way to store objects for a later date.

Capsized boat with spilled cargo floating around so collect cargo.
Bump the 14 barrels gently or the drivable boat might jump.
I replaced seabed of about 60,000 vertices with 4 vertices flat seabed, but left margin of original vertices around the coastline.


P.S. Route uploaded and seems to work OK.
As its not practical to detail each and every route when I upload them perhpas advise if any textures arn’t loading,etc, on the various routes as I upload them.

Also discussion would be useful but NOT ‘critique’

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Texturing these large routes was becoming a problem.
One wrong click on mouse and you lose the section of mesh selected. So started to seperate pieces of mesh terrain.

Seperated into 3 parts, sand, grass, rock with grass. Texture then seperate. ‘Hide’ sections hide when textured, then work the way upwards from selected cross sections. These can than be selected and seperated.

Alternatively ‘non manifold’ using vertices. Control-Shift-Alt-M (more to remind myself). When outer rim vertices selected Control and plus to to increase mesh selected, or control and Minus to decrease, change vertice to face. Then work from textured colour mesh as regards heights (using 3 dem). Seems to work OK. As it all about rivers, sea and coast, height of roaming camera fixed at 50 max. and mimumum.5 at present. Maybe reduce to 25?

So this time more of a tutorial for myself (smile)

P.S. Millom online. No harbours. Used to be very busy harbours and railtracks leading to the the harbours. Also I am trying t keep to pre. 1815. On looking at online maps hardly any visible trace of the harbours remain. It needs some harbours still visible on-line to give me an idea of what I am trying to make. Then can use an overlay with osm to position them. B.

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I am still working on it berry :smiley:

I love that you keep getting better and not giving up.

trying to make a tool to facilitate this kinda thing for us
[games as well as exploration / simulation stuff]

have you tried no mans sky yet?

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Thanks for your post and interest.
Agewise I am a few years off 4 score so the way I look at it, learning other game engine formats would be a waste of time so it must be Blender. Never did learn how to use it properly over about 15 years off and on using it, so keep everything simple as possible.

Regarding texturing never could use Blender paint. I used to make routes and content for Trainz c2004. No longer use it now as became too complex but they had a very good paint app. You just paint on all the differnt textures merging sand, gravels, rocks, or whatever photo textures you wish to make, using up to about 50 different photo textures over very large train route areas of many miles, altering size etc as you go.

25 km terrain works OK, even 35 km OK in Blender, if I remove most of seabed. Using Blender srtm script for terrain.

2.79 Blender should be usable for a good few years yet and will see what UPBGE brings if merged again with BGE and must be embedded to keep file size maneagable for downloads.

Many thanks from the solitary mariner on the stormy sea (flat calm again at present) and have a few glasses of virtual rum donated by the virtual sailors (or sweet sherry). One member called me childish so for him… ‘yo ho ho and a bottle of rum’. (smile).

If you want a link to your work give a brief description and will copy it, but woul need a relvant site or webpage online to link to. Same applies to other ‘friendly’ members. So anything that’s relevant to Blender simulations!, maritime, flight, road transport, towns, villages, ships, canals, mediaeval, ancient Rome, etc,etc… expecially maritime but not essential but no commercial. No need to crosslink to my site as the search engines usually find it for those interested.

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A slight change of tack as 5 routes on line. I will jump to route 10 as it has 2 versions of the rivers Mersey c1800 and and c1825 docks. The barge complex at Ellesmere Port will possibly take me months to make or years if I extend the surrounding areas.

Even a more modern version would be interesting say c1900 as they have the floating quay that rose and fell in sync. with the 10 meter tide, with the ferries crossing the river to Birkenhead and up to New Brighton at the head of the Estuary.

Would need steamships though that might be a bit too difficult for me. Both the Leeds to liverpool canal and the Shropshore Union canal both link into the Mersey.

It can get a bit boring working through the 48 routes to update them so I will concentrate on the Mersey etc.
The Mersey route/s I will leave online once I make minor updates to them to start with


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Had a look at No Mans Sky but not quite sure if online game, or downnloable open ‘game’ not connected online? Can’t find much info on home page?


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So 5 online which I will leave online for now.
Will start from the Mesrey again as explained and the surrounding areas up to maybe Conwy or Barmouth.
If I need online space I will then start to remove the 5 online.
So quick update to c1800 Mersey.

3 drivable sailing flats (with anchors), 2 barges floating and one preset route. These are as before. Key 1 starts the preset animation and key 9 will open the first dock built gates ( or should do) I have put the boats on the opposite shore…drifting a bit, as still have the animated rise and fall of the water.
This route will need many updates at about 1 and half miles of docks. Wil try and rebuild the Ellesemere Port barge docks and add trees, capstans, ladders, warehouse, etc.

If I start on the c1825 route that is 3 miles of docks approx. That would need a lot more work,etc. and so on.

Screen shows the preset boat having crossed from far shore and beginning to wind its way through the docks.


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Uploaded Mersey c1800
3 driveable sailing flats, jib, jib and main, mainsail.
i preset sailing flat starts with key 1.
key 9 opens oldest dock gates.
Collect barrels fom oldest dock with ‘jib and main’ sailing flat.
(haven’t checked this since a while so maybe post if it doen’t work or anything else not loading, etc, as quite a complex route.



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As I am the solitary virtual mariner on the these forums I have decided to keep the Mersey route on line.Posiibly different eras. Upriver it used to be called the schooner port a century or 2 ago. Also maybe others routes around to Barmouth, North Wales. Isles of Man back again as the steamers used to run trips about 4 times a week in the summmer months. So total of 11 routes maybe. atahe rest I will remove.

Putting endless routes on line, with only me the solitary mariner, no longer appeals, so time to ‘clear the decks (routes)’. At least I know the river Mersey area so can make routes and updates that are of interest to me. Also Whether others are interested that’s up to them. Most of the old part of Liverpool docks is now a maritime museum.

If any body is making steamships that also would be of interest. Paddlers started about 1815 and screw drive had developed by about 1880. Sail though was still being used into the 20th century.

Relevant queries and discussion, etc, welcome.

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To following are online on at present… only Mersey route and others removed.

Also I am considering putting the folllowing ‘basic’ routes online and will probably start today to upload some of them.

Initially the Mersey route will be worked on a lot more more c1800 version/updated, then all being well, I might move on to updating the other 10 basic routes.

Routes are in order of sequence around the GB coastline.
00 Isle of Man 45 km.

The following 10 are about 25km.
Mersey, Dee, Rhyl, Conwy Menai, Lleyn, Bardsey, Pwllheli, Porthmadog, Barmouth. These might change slightly as have to sort them out.

Also… as requested I will carry on with the screenshots.

Scenarios can also come back. You can always add you own scenarios to the routes using collision or near properties or whatever, etc. Then make a screenshot as would be interesting to see and / or read about.

Also will try and make a few preset ship tracks and object animations.

Link to real life/real time ship tracking site is on my non commercial maritime routes website.

I might have to rotate a few of the routes, especially the basic ones as depends on size of file. Probably leave 7 online with the ones being worked on staying put online. You will need 2.79 or so to use them.

Maybe upbge later if it gets merged into Blender again and embedded because of the file size.

Methinks that is a good summary.



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Of the 11 routes mentioned I have now 6 online. (these already had zip files made). Most of the routes are basic which is the framework to build on over a long period of time.

The Mersey route is the c1800 version not 1826 approx. which would need a seperate route making. I have one made but just the docks layout at approx. 3 miles.

The Mersey route has some work done to it and mentioned previously.

The Isle of Man has some texturing done.

The Conway route has some work done and includes the castle.

I think the first job is to go through them and replace the seabed with a flat 4 vertices plane.

On the Mersey route because of the shape of the estuary this would only save about 12,000 vertices.
On the other routes maybe up to half saved from say 135,000 down to 80,000 with a few ships etc.

I tested the downloads and they all seem to work and download OK.
Making Ellesmere Port barge docks will take a long time and might need a seperate route making and extend maybe up river to Runcorn and not include Liverpool docks c1800?
However that would make 13 routes.

The descriptions page shows a screenshot of Blender tidal rise of the area from a previous route I made .

Ribble also on-line.


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Decided better to keept o the c1800 Mersey route as easier to update. The 1830s Mersey route would need too many hours of work on it to be feasible. B

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On line Mersey c1800 and Isle of Man


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First as regards scenarios, such as collecting cargoes etc, no more, as it’s then turning into a game. So terrain, sea, rivers, harbours of varying eras as impossible to keep to one era.

Even animated dock gates are not needed as gates are usually open about 2 hours either side of high tide and the routes are all set as high tide. Lower tidal height would need sand bars creating etc
So one or more ‘drivable’ boats, and will create ships on preset paths.

Lverpool docks will be the c1800 version.


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Memo pad

i will rotate in 2 batches of seven, 14 routes stretching from Solway Firth around to the Menai Straits.
14 routes with first 7 on line, 03 09 2018

If I can enlarge the size of the routes of the Lleyn area I will see if I can extend the area to Barmouth.
Further 5 routes replaced with 2.
16 routes and will be two batches of 8…Solway to Barmouth

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As I have no interest in trying to make routes popular with people I don’t think it is worthwhile making further screenshots. I work on tha basis that if you are interested in maritime or the past coastal ages it is up to the person if you wish to look at the routes described.

It is about maritime and the past coastal ages and bygone times and NOT about making a sailing simulator.

Should anybbody be making anything relevant I would be interested to hear about it. Also as regards others it can be any era. Could be submarines, undersea, merhant or royal navy, fishing boats, whatever. Also if you have a relevant NON commercial site, I might be able to link to it.

I remade a couple of routes at 38 km instead of 25 km, replaced the seabed so can fit 16 routes form Solway Firth on the borders of Scotland up to Barmouth North Wales.

I could probably put on-line a batch of 8 then a few weeks/months later swap with 2nd batch of 8. However the updates start from basic route and even then they might only be a small change of texture or lamp, adjustment to drivable boats or roaming camera etc.
THere is always somthing to do,make, alter, resarch or mend. Rivers have to be opened up, few photo textures added before any harbours, objects, or ships made, or resarched, etc.

Routes will be…(names and nos are just a help to show the sequence around the coast. All the basic routes are made and some updated)

01 Isle of Man
02 Solway Firth
03 Siloth
04 Whitehaven
05 Millom
06 Morecambe
07 Wyre
08 Ribble and Douglas
removed dash line removes hwavy type!
09 Formby
10 Mersey c1800
11 Dee
12 Rhyl
13 Conwy
14 Menai Straits
15 Lleyn Peninsula North Wales
16 Barmouth

P.S. The site altered the text size itself.
PPS Removed dashed line removed the heavy bold type


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Cancelled re-schooner for now

(barrymaritime) #98

With the single routes there may be or might be numerous small updates as they take months/years/ centuries to make (smile).


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I set the schooner to run the length of the outside of the docks then enter the main dock at the end.
Also the sailing-flat barge crosses the Mersey and threads its way through half the docks.
The water is set to rise and fall a meter to simulate wave swell.
At first the schooner was juddering about and I thought it was clashing with the water animation.
Turned the water animation ofF and made no difference.
It seems schooner it was set to ‘rigid body’ and when changed to static it seems to work fine.

Rigid-body I use for drivable.
I set both preset routes to start with the same key 1 with timeline set to 1200 .

So the reason for these details…
if you know how to stop and start a preset animation, set up with the timeline you could use seperate keys to start the preset routes. Then you could start and stop them to allow other ships to pass without sailing through each other. I should add would only be worthwhile for me to set them up if a few were interested. and if there was a simple method to stop and restart on the timeline settings suitable to include in 25 kilometer route/s for download?
The ship routes then could be controlled like a model train set.

Also I sould do with making some basic steam-ships as easier to make than sailships. Again I have had a few tries but don’t seem to be able to make any progress with them…should anybody be interested.
I tested the schooner and made about 10 duplicates, as floating ‘rigid body’ and vert. sync still at default 60.

I removed the animation on the dock gates as not required for this idea.

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Difficult to know how to progress with these routes as so may different eras and types of vessels/