Maritime World of Blender Part 2

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Elements.blend (4.2 MB)

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Thanks my own island. I have been waiting for the lottery to come up to buy one.

I am a bit like the dinosaur though at my age, using the kis principle keep it simple.

But a few palm trees on your island and a little boat …who knows… I might visit someday (smile).

Thanks Barry

P.S. Interesting to see how the land sea and river fomed. So definitely an addition to maritime topics!

I am leaving further posts for the time being.

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Routes are on hold as before.


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Update 23/11/2018
My site link is opposite thhe posts… unless I remove it.

Maybe 15 - 20km routes of small coastal sections will be the next to try…or nothing.
1815 to 1845 maybe, to include early paddle-steamers.

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The final change of tack. To try and maintain my own interest I will now speialise in Liverpool and the river Mersey. Also maybe the Leeds and Liverpool canal which originally started behind Liverpool docks. Problem with that though is barges were horse drawn which is outside my capabilities. I should mention the era will be the 1830s.

The river Mersey upriver will include the barge docks of Ellesmere Port which became a huge interchange for carrying coastal goods around 2 centuries ago.

Simulations are not something you can make in a few days but could take years and just the docks alone could take many weeks or months for a ‘basic’ version. By the 1830s they were about 3 miles in length, growing to about seven miles eventually.

I am unlikely to include screenshots a I pay for a domain site at present. I have no interest in trying to get peoples interest, also no commercial interest as everything I make is open source. So just for people who are interested, whether a few, one, or none.

So routes will be basic and with copyright on most online images etc, most of textures will just be from my own photos.

I will just keep the made Solway, Annan, route.
Also the made Isle of Man large route as that is tied to Liverpool as the ferries to and from the island have run for many years.


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Why dont you blog it in blogspot? Its free and reliable.

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Thanks for post. At present I have a blog/diary/memos on my site with the route downloads, so for now that will do. (click B to left of post) .Everything I make is open source so basically up to others if interested…if not it doesn’t really matter.

Regarding the current routes these will be Liverpool and Mersey, Ellesemere Port, Isle of Man.

Beginning to think BA is becoming a bit too commercialised for me anyway. B

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I have posted the Annan details in the completed game forum.
I think any further posts (if any) will be to the completed game forum as will include scenario in each. My routes are NOT for commercial use!

I have removed the link at side of posts.
The link to my site is on the completed games forum, in the first post of the new thread…makes it easier. ‘Basic maritime simulations with scenarios’. Completed ‘games’, are scenarios in real life simulations and will be included in each ‘completed’ basic maritime route.

I am no longer posting on this thread as too large anyway.

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yeah I am noticing it being monetized and it makes me wonder what for?

with the number of impressions and the number of average page views, the site likely could be making 12->24k a week in ad revenue :expressionless:

I think dropping most of the ads and adding a store that sells shaders / models / coffee cups etc would be a better way to kinda hide the commerical stuff unless you go looking.

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had a look at some of the models and some seen fairly basic considering the prices. What are the models for !.


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I decided the completed routes thread I started was unsuitable for maritime simulations .

My interests are only the past ages and bygone times as serious simulations, so for now discontinued historical coastal maritime on these forums… at least in drivable mode.

Static ships might be worth considering as they could be animated later if upbge becomes an embedded version with Blender. This is essential as routes are made for others to download and routes at present are about 10 meg or so upwards. So it dpends if version 2.79b remains easily downloadable for others, to enable the routes to be opened .

I might try linking small screenshots direct to my site might be a better option for me. Altough interest in simulations on this forum seems almost nil, static ships might be an idea with harbours on seperate sheet/plane and slotted into the main route.

Site updated : solway and silloth available for download at time of posting


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Yesterday they have been taken Barry somewhere.
I wonder where they brought him.
Usually they always bring workers back to their cells but this time it’s different.
I hope nothing happened to Barry, we’re friends since right from the beginning.
No one touches Blender without the other one being around.

[later that century]
…planet earth has been struck by a huge Meteorite… which wiped out everyone …except for Barry…

Barry is still around … updating the Blender Artists Forum.

Anyway… this is cool :slight_smile:

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I will try mini screenshots direct from my site in future.
So Silloth with scenario. With these routes if I continue I will need to rotate them and possibly have about 5 available for download of changing routes.
View of Silloth harbour/ With all these routes although based on srtm2 data and script for the terrain, the route details and content will be approximate and or guesswork.

Rescue crewman and salvage cargo. SIlloth harbour in the distance

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I have remade he Isle of Man route. At present I have made Douglas harbour. Isle of Man is very basic and needs much work on it ‘at a later date’. Converted to tris. so faces about half shown if quads, or less.
About 43km, but seabed replaced with 4 vertices plane and decimate function on terrain, Douglas harbour layout of a century of 2 ago was very difficult to make, so approx. and guesswork. I will put it on-line when I check it and zip it, if no problems crop up and then will be postsponed.

The scenario in this is what you make (smile).
Just 2 sailing flats but drivable. so you can push one alongside a quay or have a race out of the harbour, or whaever. With the skills on this forum. if you wish (smile) , you could make any number of maritime scenarios.
Refer to link to my site at side of my posts


No scenario as very large route. However only 22 meg. I think to download, route including sea about 44km.
Maybe race to leave the end of the harbour. (smile).

Sailing-flats use wasd, tfgh. roaming camera home/end and arrow keys.

3 routes available for download…at time of writing.


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To make steamships others would need to make them
as free downloads as my skills limited.

Refer to my site regarding downloads. I will probbaly be making a basic first version available for download but routes are not for critique. Let me know if any problems with downloads or running the routes.

The routes will mainly be basic at version 1, no harbours, etc. Updated very gradually to versions 1,2,3, etc, rotated eventually, and nothing ever completed as not possible with simulations!

From Solway Firth onward. I might try for the Thames again as reached that far in the past but deleted, so updates will be some time away.

Refer to link to website at side of my posts.
Discussion welcome not ‘critique’
30/12/2018. Not available at present.


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Further routes are on hold for the time being


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As a final try I have decided to only post on the completed games forum with a seperate title for each route. Routes now will be few and far between as they can take hundreds of hours.

To keep my site running it would depend if people post a quick post and could be a simple as downloaded OK and runs OK, interesting or whatever and not just a click on a button. I think that is permitted on the ‘compted games’ forum. No critique wanted but if you make ‘interesting’ alterations to suit your opinions, perhaps explain in detail and make free downloadable for others . Might be able to use your ideas in the routes! No tutorials wanted.

I won’t post further here and posts will be on the ‘completed games’ forum. The first route will be a revised Annan and Port Carisle. I am making some screenshots and might be able to complete the details today or over the weekend. The link to download won’t be on the index page but on a named route page.
So that ends these posts as getting cluttered anyway

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Continued on part 3.