Maritime World of Blender Part 3

the point of the launcher is to not have to pack each route as an exe, greatly reducing the size of downloads.

ill have the launcher look in a folder called “BLENDS” for route blends. you would tell users to “unzip route downloads into the BLENDS folder”.

packing the launcher as an exe means you can have an upbge exe launcher and a 2.79 launcher. optional choice to the user. changing versions would be as easy as copying the BLENDS folder.

I think the method would be more suitable for just members from this forum. The route zip size I doubt would be more than 25 meg inludiing textures. I won’t be using upbge now and only use 2.79b. People worldwide will probably see it, going by my stats etc and probably never heard of Blender. All they have to do is download 2.79b once and install it, there is a link to it on my site. Drag route folder out of zip and double click the route exe. Then either key P over window or start/game engine.

I think I will leave it at that. For me there is no advantage using UPBGE now after thinking more about it, and I have no intention of ever using 2.8 afer a few goes with it. I can’t understand why Blender does not concentrate mainly on ‘serious’ simulations.

I have all the srtm2 files downloaded I need to cover quarter of Uk coast approx. The script generates the terrain in a few clicks of mouse from the co-ordinates. I can either use osm, or 3DEM to read them from a height map. Copy and paste for sea, ships, camera, etc, from route to route.

With me it is not so much the finer points of route making but simply trying to convey some aspects of the past ages and bygone times. I will put 5 to 10 online and vary them as I update them which won’t be very often. Initial routes size as low as 10 meg with textures. I think I was getting bogged down taking too much notice of Blender as it seems to have changed it’s purpose, well outside my interests. I will keep your blend which I downloaded. 7 basic routes remade again, 43 approx. to go.

Many Thanks though.


I told you before to use a launcher, i told you the exact same thing as @Daedalus_MDW. The only thing is he went ahead and actually created a launcher for you.

so barry WAKE UP!

the launcher + your route .blend is all you need.
the launcher will be the .exe it will load your .blends.

the user does NOT need to download blender or install it, the user just needs to download your launcher 1 time one time only.

then on your website you can share your routes.blend(s), the user unpack it in the directory the launcher is located and the launcher will make a button for it.

the user only have to select a route he want to play/see/look at. if your .blend is like 5 MB then that is the only thing the user needs to download.

This is not limited to upbge, it will work in bge 2.79 as well (like i said/suggested before)

exactly why you need a launcher.

why does a user needs to download a render/modelling/game engine program to run your .blend?
a launcher is what you need.

once again just some advice. But do what you like.(i suggest grabbing that launcher)

Thank you for your post. I can assure you Barry is well awake at a couple of years off 4 score and used Blender for 15 years or so.

You forget I have no interest whatever whether people wish to download the routes or not. If they are interested in maritime they can just as easily download Blender 2.79b install it and forget about it as takes a singe minute. Same with my site and available downloads a least up to May.

The blend needs the textures folder with the textures which varies with each route . Also it does not always work correctly trying to make a single blend to load the different different texture folder into the single blend. So won’t waste more time with that idea.

Once I make the 50 or so routes (again) I will have my ‘library’
of routes to work on. Should have ten completed today. As there is almost no discussion relating to even whether the routes run OK or missing textures, or srtm data, etc, etc, I don’t really care whether people use them or not. They are there if they want them (for now). If interested in the past ages and bygone times and or maritime is up to them to use them or not. !

Considering the factors detailed I am unlikely to post further except to reply to queries, etc, as mentioned previously.

Thanks Barry.

P.S. I have downloaded and used the launcher as mentioned in my previous post (My thanks to Daedalus)!

P.P.S I might just withdraw the routes and illustrate factors of the past ages and bygone times with descriptions and screenshots written around the content I make, as with my previous site!

PPPS. ‘I told you before to use a launcher’
What makes you think I knew anything about launchers or how to make them!. I only know the basics about Blender, nothing else!

General…It needs several people working on an open source maritime simulator as with OpenRails etc. and a maritime route editor.

Daedalus I had another look at the launcher.
I explained to cotaks it’s the first I knew about launchers when you posted. I can’t get Blender to package the texure folder but seems to work if that is left seperate. When zipped the textures seem to stay the same size anyway.
Bit puzzled I understand about placing in the route blends folder, and uses just what it requires to open and run the route.
On unzipping I have the single route blend, readme and texture folder and launcher. The launcher then is a page with the standalone start button in side panel at bottom.

How would the user opening the launcher know how to find the standalone start button. Maybe I have got it wrong and another step to do?

P.S. recklon I am wrong with my thinking as the launcher needs to contain the blender bits to run it. Uninstall Blender and back to square one.



Daedalus I tried to simulate how a user would use it.
I put the launcher in a folder.
Uninstalled Blender. Downloaded one of my routes.
Opened it into the launcher folder. Opened the launcher and it simply looks for the program to open it. so something wrong
Far as I can make out that is what Cotaks said?
I give up (smile)


As it’s not realistic to give details on these forums for each and every route I change or update, or upload to the server. Details should be available on my site.

I have outlned what I am doing in previous posts. As mentioned ‘polite’ discussion or queries or problems with missing textures. etc, welcome. I will check this thread from time to time. I have no interest in reading critiques.

Initially it will be basic routes until I reach about 50 routes maybe up to Barmouth or hopefully Thames Estuary but that is difficult as very low lying, After that I will start on the updates at a leisurely rate of progress. Routes will probably rotate occasionally.

This post does not refer to the launcher but just a general update.

that was just kind of an unfinished test. ill make some improvements and save it as an EXE.

once its an exe, you can launch without blender. then the launcher.exe will look for and open .blends in a BLENDS folder.

a properly packaged exe will have files much like blender, the version folder, a great pile of .dll, and an .exe.

Thanks Daedalus appreciated.
If I can get it to work eventually I will change the details on the site. If you need any of your work linking to give details and can stick it on the Links page. Barry

Daedalus thanks that was surprise. Did a quick test with the Isle of Man route blends in Blend folder BGE and opened it with the launcher. Getting pretty late so wiil experiment more later. Barry

Daedalus… Uninstalled Blender 2.79b to test the bge version,
For now I won’t use the upbge launcher version untill I see how UPBGE develops.

The Launcher based on bge 2.79 was the final version with no further changes so for now bge launcher seems the best option for now.

As regards the user what is the minimum essential they will need as regards the launcher as I could make a download for just the bge launcher zip, route blend zips, textures single folder zip.

Do I need to make the source route as a download also to fit Blender rquirements?.

Also for me to simplify the method I could add the description to my site for each route .

Regarding the actual routes blend files can the user just place the route blend files themesleves into the BLENDS folder.

Regarding the textures I am considering making one texture folder to contain the required textures for all the routes as many are repeated. Again the user then could place the ‘textures’ folder into the BLENDS folder. Tried it out and it seems to work OK.

What would be the maximum route blend files to place in the BLENDS folder?

I will start another page with details for using the launcher and credit you with the launcher if OK with you ?(Daedalus of Blender Artists).

Not sure if I need a seperate texture for each moving vessel on preset courses made with timeline. i.e, Could 3 or 4 moving vessels use same texture or does the same texture need renaming for each, as I use now. considering what textures I can put into a single textures folder for all routes and what I can delete. I think that would be the best method

Thanks. Barry
Hope you don’t mind all the questions?
What is that for?
launch the launcher_Debug.cmd to open in a console window

the launcher.exe, the 2.79 directory the blends directory and all the .dll files. And yes you can make seperated downloads for any thing, so,, textures. zip. though i would just add the textures with the and not separating them.

uhm how you mean? just the .blend (if your route does not need more) is enough.

yes, the launcher will search that directory for any .blend that is located inside

if it works go for it, it’s the best option. However you do not need to add every texture at once, you can simply add a folder with your route.blend containing the textures, the user then can simply copy it over, and hit ignore/rewrite texture if it already exists.

i did not look at the launcher, i would say until the screen is full of buttons (if there is no page/slider system attached)

1 texture can be reused as much as you like, if it is 1 or 1000 times that does not matter.

hope you don’t mind that i answered it for you.

the launcher has a scroll wheel feature, so theoretically the blend limit is disk space or ram. a couple hundred would get pretty slow since im using mouse over. anyway.

to clarify, what you would do is point people to the link i posted of 2.79 zip, regardless if they have blender.

  • launcher
    • 2.79
      • (bge python stuff)
    • BLENDS
      • (any number of blends)
      • textures?
    • (dlls py and exe)

the launcher is a one time download. routes should be zipped:

    • blend file
    • textures
      • png, jpg, etc

then tell people to “extract into launcher/BLENDS” and replace and overwrite if theres duplicate textures. this is similar method to installing addons to blender.

you are more then welcome treat the launcher as your own.

blender only requires that python code be made open, which is why the is not packed. so legally, there is no extra steps you need to take. the source link i posted is just the blend version of the exe so it can be modified or examined.

like cotaks said, texture images can be shared as many times as you want. blend files cant see what other blends do without intentional linking.

Fine with me your reply.
With your first reply I knew nothing about launchers or how to make exes, so I know a bit more now. (smile)

‘Do I need to make the source route as a download also to fit Blender rquirements?.’
I think that was more for making standalone routes in Blender itself using runtime?

Regarding the single texture. ‘Apparently’, if an animation it required it’s own texture . If a shared texture it was not too happy. I have no idea if that refers to moving vessels on preset routes made with the timeline and started with the logc bricks and the boat itself is static. If not that would save a few megs.


the source is simply for the curious. not sure if you saw my post i sumbited as you were typing :slight_smile:

Why didn’t you say that before in the other topic? i would have gladly explained it to you.

Yes indeed, the source is only needed if you made a .exe out of it.

the route itself is not linked to the launcher, so if you find a way to encode the .blend(and decode upon reading it) you can do that freely and without breaking the gpl.

No that would be a bug/glitch. an animation has nothing to do with the texture, unless you used an internal function to render a camera view to a plane. #edit this actually not needed. only if you wanted to render an other camera to plane. #edit 2 just don’t use the same material with animated texture. so create 2 materials using that texture, 1 for reusing as a static texture and 1 to use for all the objects that needs animation.

So don’t worry you should be fine to reuse the texture as much as you like.

To see any errors that might occur. the console window is a DOS window (command prompt or windows 10 powershell)

Thanks for the new info. I can start removing quite a few repeated textures which should make a big differnce to the folder size. The basic routes themselves I can make in an hour or so. tested about half a dozen. Barry

Thanks Daedalus posts are getting crossed.
I was going to remove the download link from my site to 2.79 Blender and replace with your zipped launcher bge for them to download from the server, if OK

Routes will only need a single blend file for each route as a zip or nclude say 5 or so. I will make a single textures folder. Also advise if/when they need to remove the original textures folder from BLENDS and replace with new updated textures into BLENDS.
Seems to be working OK so far.

Better reinstall Blender and return to the route making.

It might give me more incentive to renew the domain site in a few months.