Maritime World of Blender Part 3

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Update the Annan and Silloth routes remade the docks at Silloth in extruded whole docks rather than seperate quays.
Routes now all share the single folder. Removed animation from dock gates as bit of a gimmick. Ships share the single image for those moving. 3 drivable. Default vert sync 60. Will make more hopefully and set them on preset tracks.
Not sure what to do with the Isle of Man route as future routes will be about 20km as this avoids replacing the seabed with 4 vertices seabed as mght make deep water channels later.

Sorting thngs out then will change to the launcher. I wont be uploading routes yet until I change to the launcher.

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I have uploaded the launcher and the 3 main routes, iom,solway,silloth. Seperate zip files for textures folder and seperate zip file for each route.

Further details on my site and the download links. I tested them and they all seem to install and run OK. Apparently you use Esc to close each route?

Regarding making more routes I not sure about that. If I do I will remove the drivable functions and functions such as opening dock gates. All vessels will either be auto on preset routes using timeline or static.

The site is about the past ages and bygone times the Blender made objects/routes are incidental as enables me to explain some of features of the past decades.

It would need a proper OPEN SOURCE maritime simulator to make non commercial maritime simulations and that would depend on others to create it!

I don’t think there is any interest in that on these forums as would depend entirely on others !?


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the exit key can be assigned in one line of code. what do you want it to be?

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Daedalus. It is mainly just for others once they download routes. At present using Esc in the instructions to leave the route. No problems. I am just keeping things as simple as possible. Trying to make another schooner and then will simplify vessels to move on preset routes and forget the drivable. Thanks Barry.

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Tried the launcher and tested the downloadable routes I made with 2.79b.

All things considered, tried and tested and best bet for me to stay with 2.79b Also the choice now of launcher or download 2.79b the once.

For now will keep the launcher as a back up alternative as tried and tested. Up to the user if interested enough in martiime, so we will wait and see. Best plan also for me to put route building on hold as at the present time I can’t see much point in renewng web site contracts.

2.79b is the end of the line, which is best for me as it has had its final update and won’t keep changing.


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My previous post was no longer valid so removed from general reading. Looks likely that I will not contimue with the website. B

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Considering the alternatives. looking at 2.8 and downloaded latest ver.

The mesh size on maritime routes is the most important factor.
So using 2.8 opened the 20 km mesh of the river Wyre from 2.79b. So the maximum mesh size does not seem to be a drawback but no idea what to do next. Downloaded the 50meg help manual.

A possibility is to make the areas around the UK coastline using 2.79b, 3DEM and blender script for srtm. Maybe take a couple of hours for each. Build up a large stock of the BASIC routes

I dont know what the maximum route size would be for 2.8. Twenty km. seem OK but maybe investigate up to 50 km. A lot of the routes can be a flat seabed plane of a few vertices like the Isle of Man I made at 45 km with 2.79b.

As regards forum interests even if neglible or nil, I need to make the routes so they are mainly of interest to myself and they work OK.

Then as mentioned decide about renewing the domain contract in a few months. in the meanwhile I can put back the 3 routes online, up to Silloth and also Isle of Man. There are a few ways to make these routes so will also see what 2.8 has to offer…very slowly but at first sight not optimistic.

I think first sight will be enough though as regards making maritime routes as my opinion has now moved on after a few hours with 2.8.

The three routes are back online and looks like keeping to 2.79b will be more than enough for me and for the maritime world.
The first 3 routes are reasonable and minor updates made.


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Nice, srry i havent been keeping up with your thread there are too many posts to keep up with but nice progress so far i see yr really passionate about Maritime Routes.



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OK thanks Fred.