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(Schlops) #1

Hey Kibbie,

could you please change the behaviour of the “Mark all topics read”-link in that way that it jumps back to the forum index (the old style). You know, when I mark all topics read I don’t wanna stay in that section any longer :wink:


(Timothy) #2


I am afraid I can’t do this.
Reason for this being that I don’t want to edit the forum too much to make future upgrading possible.


(CubeFan973) #3

I go into coma because of how confusing Kib’s reply was! I mean, you don’t want future upgrading possible? How weirryurnbv nc (goes into forementioned coma)!

(IMProvisar) #4

lol… translation…

“I don’t want to edit the forum too much because that would make future upgrades more difficult.”


(Timothy) #5