Mark Objects Wireframe in 3D View


can someone please tell me if it is possible to mark some objects to be drawn only in wireframe in 3D view (e.g. something like a Z-key shortcut for single objects).


You don’t say what version of blender you are using so this will have to be twice as much work to answer.
In the object properties (F9) under the Draw panel select the draw type as wireframe (blender 2.49)
In the properties window under the object tab, in the Display panel select Wire from the drop down (blender 2.5beta)

Shore. In 2.53 select the object and jump into the Object panels in the Properties window. There you’ll find the tab named Display, change the type to Wire for the select object. This only works for the active selected object, so for several objects you have to do it one by one.


thank you for your help, exactly that was i was looking for!

And sorry for not mentioning that i am using 2.53!