Mark seam: mesh VS mark seam: uv?

What is the difference between mark seam: mesh and mark seam: uv?

I was preparing for unwrapping but accidentally used the “mesh” variant and now I cannot find a way to undo it. (clear seams uv does not clear)

Did you try Clear Seam in the 3D mesh view in stead of the UV editor?

Otherwise, you might have marked a Sharp Edge in stead of a UV seam. In that case use ‘Clear Sharp’:

Thank you, that worked. I always use the space bar search menu to find things, and clear seam from this menu does not show up when I search for “seam” or “clear seam” (only clear seam for UV shows up)

But now I am trying to mark the UV seam, It doesn’t do anything anymore. I am lost in the UI right now. I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

It should work if you:

  1. In 3D View ➔ Edit Mode (Tab key when you’re in Object Mode) ➔ Edge mode (‘2’ key), select the desired edges.
  2. Then press Control + E for the Edge menu.
  3. And select ‘Mark Seam’.
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Thanks, that works. It also works from the UV menu. But for some reason I could not get it to work with the spacebar menu. (I still wonder what is the difference between the two “mark seams” ) it seams that the “mesh” one is the one that works and the UV one is for something else? (confusing naming)

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I understand your confusion. UV editing is not my area of expertise, my knowledge of it is limited.