Market day


I bring another way of presenting a still life, this time outdoors and taking advantage of other reason.

Modeling and components in Blender, cycles 300 render passes.

Before textures:


Well, i hope you like it, and critics are welcome.


yeah i like it :slight_smile:
what i did notice though, is that the front end of the raft doesnt look like it’s touching the water. u might wanna consider adding a bit of specularity or reflections on the water at that particular part

u’ll notice that the water in the reference photo has reflections up to the very bottom of the image. that helps to sell it…in my opinion

Thanks you Kalibloo.

Yes as you say the boat have to look more near of water, the boat touch the water in the escena but no enought.

And about reflection i was trying some reflections shaders on water but final result dont look so nice, and i forget to put some littles waves around boat like photo reference .

Tnankx for you critic.


You need to unwrap the ends of your boards so they are not streaking. Also watch the colours, your background is washing out. Desaturating it and adding blue tinge as it gets further away will make it more natural, lowering the contrast a bit can help too (But not with a washed out bg!)

With water reflection of the sky is VERY important. Get those clouds visible, you could even try adding some colored spotlights for it to reflect to add some hue variation.

Thanks for you comment.

i will take note, yes the end of the board is a fail, and some reflection of the clouds on water will be very nice for the render.