Market stall

Hi everyone
This is a market stall for an animation i’m going to make.
Comments are welcome :slight_smile:


Little Monkey, unbelivable work! Great stuff man!

First of all, the texturing on the ground is very very flat, some bump and normals would be good. The texturing on the cloth is pretty messy at the top, looks to be a UV problem. The textures on the boxes and the stall posts are kind of boring as well. Check for some quality stuff. Lighting seems to be a problem, switch to a 3-point scheme if it’s not already. If it is, switch the placement of the lights to prevent some of those really hard shadows in the boxes. And last, the boxes need some merchandise in them!

I agree with mrmagician on texture clothes and merchanise in the boxes and boxes needs to have great textures… So far, you did great job so far… post it again on your update before you are able to animate it, smile…

OK, thanks guys