Marketing or getting found

So with SWAP being about a month away from release, i was wondering how i could get or boost more interest and or excitment or just to get more people to know about it?

right now in i have a total of 3,343 views witch is awsome and all, dont get me wrong but i still think i am doing something wrong because i noticed, Solar Lunes game Sparky that made the front banner thing and he had just started working on it not to long ago. Witch is aswsome by the way :smiley:

so anyways does anybody have any ideas on how to get the word out ther and to get people to see it. I have also tried posting on tigforums and indiegamer but neather have attracted any replys.

Oh, Sparky got on the front page because I released a demo, I think. If you officially release a demo, too, I’m pretty sure it’ll be on the front page. Be sure to check after it’s been accepted, too, because I didn’t get a confirmation or anything telling me that it’d be there.

EDIT: You posted on TIGForums, huh? There’s a LOT of indie game devs there, so don’t be discouraged if your project doesn’t seem to attract people right away. They also like to see images and videos, so be aware of that.

aw ok i was wondering if that was the case but i wasnt sure, i think i will release a demo soon. Ya its weird i have heard alot of ogod things about tigforums but ive gotten zip feedback on it.

Check out Desura They have a couple of indie programs going, I think Indievania is one of them. You can get funding right away if you meet the requirements.

awsome site! i will definitaly use this.

So far i plan on releasing first a demo on Desura, Gamersgate, gamestop or impulse, games tunnel, and indievania.

I plan on releasing a demo very soon like within the weak maybe, does 5 or 6 levels of the game sound good?