Marking 1 seam

Ctrl-E marks all seams. How do I mark just an individual seam, to prepare for a UV unwrap?

Do I have to mark all seams of a given face?

When I do the unwrap, should I have all faces selected?

I’m up to 8 hours of tutorial-hunting and trial-and-error, so please help.


When you are in edit mode - use Akey to deselct all vertices / faces - use CTRL +tab to make sure you are selecting edges and then use rt click to select just one key.

I have also got great results using the last option under Ukey in Editmode (unwrap usign smart projections)

good luck!

Thanks, I select each edge by right-clicking near it, then Ctrl-E/Mark-seam to mark the seam. I do this for the seams I want to be split.

When I do “U” unwrap… nothing. Nothing shows up in the right-hand window where my UV image editor is.

What am I missing?

How do the tutorials get the nice side-ways T shape when unwrapping a cube?

There has to be more to it.

You have to select all the faces before you unwrap. Ive done a quick video of unwrapping a cube to give the T shape.

Unwrap a cube video (2.7MB)


Thanks, that helped a lot. I got the cube unwrapped and some texture on it. I wasn’t able to view your vid because I can’t play mov files, but your comments helped.