Marking Seams/UV Mapping

Hello everybody,

this is my first post and I’m also new to this hole 3d Modeling stuff.
I’ve done a lot of 2d compositing but never any 3d stuff so I thought I could get some answers on this board… :wink:

So this is my first question…:smiley:

I modeled some kind of object in Blender 2.49b and now I want to texture it. The problem are the seams. I totally understand the whole unwrapping process but I really don’t know where to put the seams so Blender can Unwrap my Mesh.

I searched the Internet for a tutorial, that explains “why to put the seams there” but I didn’t find anything…

I hope you understand my problem and maybe you can help me…and remeber that I’m really new to 3d Modeling… :wink:



Watch some of the tutorials at such as the axe tutorials which include UV unwrapping.