Marko's displayorama


Yea I can sse it now…:slight_smile:

Nice render.


Another model made in unity. I’m planning to sell it, as a part of a bigger package.

another for unity…

the last image: Ha, I like how sophisticated this tea cup is, and at the same time, sound like the perfect thing when sick, and at the same time slightly gross lol. But interesting! I really like the gentleness the gold rim gives it as well.

i like the idea of the many handled lid. Reminds me of something I saw in a talk on udacity about the design of everyday things, where they had a cup with three handles meant to be passed around. I thing the handles will look better a little thinner. I do like the choice of yellow here as it gives it a warmness to it I think. But I am not sure about the exact kind of yellow.

Trash can: Neat, texturing has always been difficult for me, but I think has a lot of interesting textures on it. The M looks slightly stretched.

Tower video: haha neat! Very interesting looking. Nice music as well. i think I would like to see this building in a sci fi novel somewhere.

I really like the robot, but its face is a little too close to that robot on Futurama, and otherwise it is very unique looking.

I live the towel on it, though it looks like a tiny tie, which I think might be really funny too. Where can I order one of these for my house??

i love the super curvy pipe. I really like all the invention type things that don’t actually exist. like this super curvy pipe. Just very fun.

And absolutely great full blown city! I don’t know how to do wow factor but once you get that, I am sure this will be amazing! :slight_smile:

Also I like your airplane.

Thanks for the feedback Sandra it is very much appreciated. :slight_smile:
The city is just a picture from google images, but with my tower in it… :slight_smile:

the newest project of mine… done for portfolio.

My latest work…


I really like Your panorama here…Very cool style…Look pretty good…:slight_smile:


Thanks Tai.

interior shots of the floor plan render.

Monument time!! Or is it? My concept that I made by thinking what would look good as a render and I came up with this. I have more ideas and maybe I will find the will to make them… Cheers!!


Monument render is Nice…I like the way You have mixed the shape , feel good for My eye’s.
The monument itself let My fantasy fly…:slight_smile:

Render from you floor plan need some lighting…Put some light in and they will shine.
And maybe play a little with some other angles…They are all stait on…Puff puff


Thanks for the feedback Tai! I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I will earn 30 $ on this graduation visualization…

Fields on right side don’t look right…Else it looks fine…:slight_smile:


oh yes I know, but I don’t won’t to bother more… it took me too much time as it is… it’s not much work to correct it, but when I count in the rendering time it is…

ok I defeated my laziness an corrected it… but, I’m too lazy to post it… looks good, looks good!

A bit of more work, for the same job…

I designed a badge for my best student (I’m teaching English over skype).

Hi M_squrared

It’s a nice star…Can You opload the Blend file…I would like to see something in it…:slight_smile: