Marksman Rifle Concept

This a rifle I have been working on. Based the design from the Bushmaster ACR - I am more focused on learning UV Unwrapping and Baking Normals and other maps right now. I am going to add more to the final design.

I added some glow effects to the heat shield and fire selector. I made an emission map in Blender and applied it to the color map. The dots emit light even when there is no lighting in the scene, however they don’t glow and reflect off other surfaces. Anyone have any tips about making them glow and reflect back?


looks good, but i would make the materials better, right now everything is made of plastic, also i would make the lights a little brighter to give more of a glow effect. Other than that its looking good.

for the reflection glow effect, is this going to be used with the internal render, if so i would increase the emission map brightness and check the engine you are using,i thought the maps should be seperate, the emission and a color map normals speucalr etc. maybe ask the forums of the engine you are using.

I do intend to add some metal-like texture to the model. I started out applying the emit map as a separate texture, but then the entire model was emitting. I rendered the model in blender but want to bring it over to Unity. I could add lights in Unity around the glow parts and have them move with model. Not sure if that is the best way to do it. Thanks for the feedback.

Everything else on the emmit should be black if except the glowing light.

That’s what I tried. I baked an emission map in Blender, then applied it just any other map. The emission parts were glowing, however so was the entire model. I adjusted the emit slider in the Influence section, but it affected all parts of the model pieces that were in the map.

An update on the rifle and a Kimber Desert Warrior.


Much better now with the nice reflectivity, Looks like something I could use in a videogame!

Ha. Thanks. That is the plan eventually. I want to add something more to the body of the Kimber to give it a bit more texture to it.

Looks interesting. I think you might’ve got the selector switch backwards though?

On the rifle? I just made the red indicate that it was on safe, one blue is semi auto and 3 blue is burst.

Maybe try to make everything else an alpha(transparent).

Yeah, I got the indicators, just usually safe is the forward position and the auto mode is the rear position. Come to think of it, you might wanna reverse the colors on the switch too, generally red indicates danger and a weapon with the safety off is dangerous. Blues and greens more of a safe indicator…

Not that any of that really matters since it’s a concept you can do whatever you want…

Yeah I thought I would switch them and see how it came out. I’m not sold on it. The heat shield is bothering me too. Something is missing I feel like and I’m not sure how to adjust it.

I don’t know… maybe slap some siderails on it? Or cutout those vents?

I would cut holes in the vents, otherwise they aren’t vents just design.

I’ve finished the Kimber Desert Warrior. Time to move on to the next one.


I am finished with the Marksman Rifle. I have a couple others in the works, plus a scope I am working on for the rifle. Will post progress images soon.


I like the trigger style. I think I will add that to my rifle.