[Marmoset Toolbag] Displacement map without displacing mesh


This is probably going to be a very stupid question, but is there a way to bake a displacement map without actually displacing the mesh?

I have a displacement map as an input in Marmoset that needs to be baked to a new UV map. Basically I’m baking low poly to low poly because Blender keeps crashing when trying to bake anything higher than 6k textures. Whereas with Marmoset I can easily bake 16k textures.

Any case, is there anything I can do other than actually displacing the mesh?

Note: I have posted this on polycount as well, but seems like that forum is dead or close to it.

I don’t have Marmorset… but since the displacement map is just stored … just wait…

So i baked a distance map from a multires object and used it as the albedo then used a different UV and baked the color to the new texture… mixed them in the shader to look at the difference… and now i have a different UV fro the distance map…

Should also be possible with Marmorset…

(and greetings in the other forum… :wink: )

:man_facepalming:t4: I’m an idiot…lol

Thank you very much, this works great

If you say so… who am i to argue with you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: … Don’t hurt yourself.

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