Marozi Panzer 7

This is my 3-1/2 week project… Done!

This project is called the “Marozi Panzer 7”. No… it is not a real panzer model from ww2, its more of a fictional design. One of the main objectives of this project was to achieve a sense of pure massiveness. Its design is a conglomerate of pretty much all panzer models. Design elements were the Panzer III, Panzer IV, Tiger I and the Panther. To add to it, I exaggerated the exhaust pipes (snorkels) with exhaust dumping out of it. Another addition is creating a triple gun mount for the turret
Also, I wanted to add a sense of irony to the scene by (1) having the tank commander looking board, (2) and the tank not firing. (I wanted this tank scene to be slightly less cleché than other tank scenes) Texturing was probably the most tedious part of this job (and the longest).

I pretty much tweaked lighting and other details to how I wanted it, but I want to see how the public reacts to its final set up. Since I wana to send this to the Blender website for the Gallery submission.



Excellent work!! My only crit would be the poles for the utility wires. especially the one in front. It looks a little to clean and plastic like, and seems to reflecting a bit more than it should.

5 stars from me!

wow! looks great, especially the texturing on the tank.

Very nice!!!

Only like OBI Ron said, I’d dirty up the front pole a bit
Also, I think it would look cooler if you actually modled the rocks (or at least some) I’d still leave the texture there, but try and cover a bit of it with rocks.

Don’t worry about that too much though. It still looks awesome!!!

yah, I agree about the plastic like phonepolls… Ill have to do somthing about that.
and also, one of my concerns with the enviorment also is the ground dirt. I tried to do some displacement maping, but was a little too much for dirt texture. I couldnt realy figure a way around it so I left it alone, but what cuby says is a good way to walk around it also. Ill try and model some rocks to strew around the place. good solution i rek’n!

Nice… The cable holders and the linepost on the background seem too plastic. But otherwise really nice work. Can the tracks be animated?

Amazing work :D…Just a texture road is flat :frowning:
your mod Panzer 7 very very nice :slight_smile: . I like lol

Very nice. The only problems with it are, I think, that the whole image is too sharp - perhaps faking a bit of DOF with nodes would help to make it look a bit more realistic, or perhaps a bit of recession. Also, the tank commander doesn’t really look bored to me - he just looks as if he’s holding his hand to his ear rather than resting his head on his hand, and his other arm being raised slightly denotes more a posture of action than inaction. Hope this helps.

Nicely done.

The obvious lack of some bump mapping on the ground and other spots are the only real things that I see that are off.

The tank could actually use some bevels in some areas too.


Beleive it or not, I aplied alot of bump maping to alot of the textures. But due to my large (and soft) area lamp, the illusion of bumpmaping is not as aparent. Especialy on the dirt texture. It apears to be smooth due to the lack of specularity quantity. But I think I can fix that by strewing more modled rocks on the floor.

Also one of the problembs I came across was the textures being smoothed at distances (or glancing angles). Probibly due to the Anti-aliasing method. One of the ways I was thinking of steping around this issue is by rendering a super HD image alowing minimal aliasing on textures…
so with the addition of more rocks and maby more grass materials on the ground, I can simulate a better floor.

-I think I’ll also have to re texture some wood peices here and there… And figure out what to do with the telephone poll. Maby model wood checks…

ohyah, and the treds are not animated

Wow, im very impressed. This definately deserves a spot in the gallery. There is one teeny tiny thing that could use some work and that’s the background. It seems rather plain to me. Otherwise it really is a masterpiece = )

rock texture is too sticky and flat, but otherwise it´s great

This is a sad situation
You have done an absooooolutely freak work ( countless hours for sure, how could people, do this?) to make a perfectly “lovely” PANZER and them… added a telephone post polished by some zealous civil servant?

:eek: Awesome work dude! Only thing wrong that I can see is the gravel texture on the left. Looks a bit smooth to be made up of a lot of wreckage.

:smiley: thanks!
yah, about that damn gravel… I noticed that textures have aliasing issues… even when I tried goofing around with different anti-aliasing filters.

actualy… Has anyone else came up with smart ways of making realistic dirt? (btw… I tried displacement maping… wasnt exactly how I wanted things to look)

-my step around plan for fixing this is by adding more grass and rock and debris material around the floor… and also rendering a super HD image bypasing aliasing issues on the dirt texture

Wow. Great work, I love the modelling and the textuing. The low camera angle makes the massive tank seem more looming and enormous. The guy on the top just doesn’t seem to come together with the rest of the image, though. He sticks out strangely, maybe because of his coloring or something?


amazing stuff ! shongshong,
but the tank looks a bit low poly in some areas, and a suggestion about the sky (which is making it look like an indoor shot) you can try orangish / yellowish sky with some mirky clouds that would suit this setup…

great work dude :thumbsup:

great stuff… hope you make the gallery.

aside from the flat dirt and shiny pole, don’t overlook bgdm’s suggestion of beveling those corners- it’s most noticable on the left (image-wise) where the bright primer is showing.
You might also take some of the starch out of the soldiers jacket - a few wrinkles in his coat would really make him look bored (slumpped over).

Good luck.

thanks! Ill try and work in some of thoese changes this weekend… now that I have some time

Re-mastered! With a handful of new nodes I added in and some color tweaking… and some subtle vertice pushing, I have achieved a re-mastered image!