marro's sketchbook

This was a Story Project for Children, started a couple months ago and published in a Kids Magazine in Turkey. Here is the story and pictures:
Kaan is a guy, who wants to discover the nature. He is especially interested in space.
One day his grandfather gives him a book that has powers to change his life forever.
Kaan goes into his room and opens the book. But the pages are blank. But there’s someone else who are looking for this mysterious book:
They teleport to Kaan’s room to find the book.
When they’re teleport back, Kaan wants to stop them.
But he teleports too…
And the journey begins…

The work was done with Blender and rendered with Blender Internal. I used area lights for the lightling.

This is neat, it is very much in the style I would have expected my son to come home with from the library in his younger years.

It’s very pretty, indeed. But I think the boy is a little too expressionless. His face is almost static, in my opinion.

I really liked his eyes, though.

Very nice characters, I like the crab.

Thanks you for the comments. ren811 I agree with you. I actually attach great importance to facial expressions. For me this is the spirit of design. But in this work I couldn’t give much time to it. It should be better…

Here is a fun facebook activity for the project:

Nice story ! Thanks sharing for several pictures ! Sweet to see them.

excellent!Very cute!

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Thank you… I need a lot of to learn…

At first, I thought boy’s eyes look ok. I went through your storyboard. I admit that i like your characters as well as you mixed real life and cartoon characters. I don’t not really into Kung fu stuff but it looks so cute character. You got the right place for kids. Good job. Keep up!

Can I share whole images you posted on Facebook?

“If it doesn’t come within 30 minutes, I’ll eat it!”

Thanks tux, but the facebook project hasn’t oficially started yet. I hope that starts soon.

Inspired by turkish patterns and symbols… Rendered with Blender Internal, used Gimp for color correction.

My latest work… Barcelona, Park Guell memorial fountain character.