Mars discovery

Imagine being the first person to discover we’re not alone in universe? That’s what I tried to capture in this image :slight_smile:
Made in Blender using The Rock Essentials.


Concept art, contracted Helen Norcott:

Creation process:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Wow! That’s a really nice render, the ground is so realistic lol.

Is there a tutorial for this coming?

nice to see how it evolved :slight_smile:


Nice job, Andrew :slight_smile:

Really great looking. Also nice compositing, has a great “empty feel” to it, like one would expect.

do not use the stargate ring. everything else is great. we got monolith at 2001, rings at stargate and doors in rocks in star trek tos. how about a triangle standing on one edge?

Nice work, it even reminds me the movie Interstellar.

Strong work Andrew! Congrats

You hit the story of finding that evidence of another species or technology. I am trying to create art based on a short and straight forward thought or message like that, I think that’s a big key I’ve been missing.