Mars personal vehicule


I was in the need of modelling something tonight and Desoto suggested me to do a mars vehicule so here it is :slight_smile:

It’s not all perfect but it was fun to make…you can always crits it even if I won,t change it :stuck_out_tongue:

as I said crits and comments are appreciated! :smiley:

great work dewd…sry cant think of crits/comments.

WOW :open_mouth: That’ awesome :wink:

Incredibly well executed, like all of your work, X-WARRIOR. I hope you intend to participate in this year’s F1 challenge.


wow! that looks great! love the detail, especially on the rear tracks.
only crit is the headlights look too small for such a large vehicle.
otherwise, great!

ahhhh… a sold gold rover, this explains the nasa budget :stuck_out_tongue:
very nice.

Well I have to say I’m happy I inspired such work. I think the wheels need to be rounder though…the octagon deal isn’t doing anything for me.

its awsome, no crits.

heh, I see the similarities on the working methods with this and the huge ship you did before…

the best I like is the tracks. but otherwise I think it’s a bit “typical” rover.


Tx all for your comments, for the “octogonal” wheel, well it’s true it wouldn’t really work well but I like my ol’ squarish look hehe.

It’s SURE that I’ll participate again! and try to coughwincough again…hehe I hope I’ll see you too there :wink:

Nice job,…I like the shape, and the lighting is really good too.

nice job. I think such a model would take me much more then one evening/night, but i am still a blender-n00b

This vehicle looks really cool. I’m looking forward to seeing it textured and driving trough a mars landscape. :smiley:

i would say that using different colors for the different parts would help this a lot, ex. black tires, etc

MODELLING, nice work !!!

Love it… the color, the feel. But yeah it does kinda feel like a WIP. With more detail in the front weels and maybe some depth in the solar panels it’d be much better. Now it’s real neat, if you spend an hour or two more on it it’s one for the old portfolio. :wink: hehe

Definitely! Now that I know what I’m doing in Blender I’m a particularly dangerous competitor :smiley: ha
Not kidding myself though, because I know your entry is guaranteed to be awesome. Should be fun. Probably lots of shiny vehicles this time around.


Excellent X-Warrior style model. Your modelling style is very unique and makes your work very identifiable.

Excellent model.


Are’nt the solar panels a bit small for ths kind of rover? - oh, well, who cares it massive and it’s looks cool!
What about texturing?

Woa, tx dude :slight_smile: I truly appreciate this :smiley:

The solar panel are definitly too small for this but making them bigger would kinda make the vehicule look odd haha, oh and it’s also powered by a small nuclear powerplant situated in the back of the vehicule… :stuck_out_tongue:

Abotu texturing…maybe one day haha…or I could put the model online for the other to play with :slight_smile: I think I’ll do that later today.

See ya

Very nice work X, and yes I’ve come from my hole. :slight_smile:

You may want to read my tutorial on wheels once I finish it, though I may not finish it until the F1 challenge is over, so my secret stays with me :slight_smile:

The reason I’ve been gone is that I’ve been playing an ungodly amount of…not morrowind this time, another RPG. KOTOR.

Again, nice work.