Mars With Stars HD Blender Animation, Tutorial Preview

Nice, I guess you applied a mars texture and bump. Is there anything else I didn’t see?
The only wrong thing I saw is the lighting, the light seems to come from above Mars’ North Pole, which is not possible. The inclination of Mars axis with respect to the ecliptic is around 25º. So light should come from the side and you may if you wish rotate your sphere over x or y up to 25º which would correspond to martian solstices, o let it without inclination at all, which would correspond to equinoxes.

Hi Olavius,
nice, I guess you used a mars texture and bump. Am I missing anything else.
The only wrong thing I see is the Lighting. Mars is never light from above its north pole, as it has an inclination of its axis of 25º with respect to the ecliptic. So mars should be lighted from the side, and you may incline the sphere up to 25º on x or y, which would correspond to mars solstices, or let it without any inclination which would correspond to Mars equinoxes.