marshy meadow

so here i tried to create a gloomy atmosphere. At first i was going for a green meadow, but later on it turned out to be a very dark one.

But i still cant decide how to go on, or should i even call this finished? The node setup is a serious mess (but at least all compositing done in blender), and the grass seems to be edited to death.

The lightning needs tweaking. I uploaded 3 pictures (more or less) with the same motiv.
I’m not sure which picture looks the best.

And has anyone any idead how to improve this motiv? Everything was made in blender / within blender, except for that (a bit ugly i know) background picture. it was quickly thrown together in PS.

thanks for takin a look,




I’m not good enough at Blender yet to offer advice, so from a personal point of view:
The “cropped” version doesn’t work so well, the subject is too close to the top of the screen.

Also, I think the background could easily make this scene “on another planet” (showing maybe that the recession hasn’t only hit earth… or the background could be an exploding star… rather be in control of your death?)
Being on another planet, the colours and grass styling could work perfectly (I quite like what you’ve done with the grass, colours and styling).

The only thing that looks kinda weird is the rocky formation from which the subject is hanging. I know rocks are going to turn out polygonal, but something about it just looks off.

But I quite like this scene.

thanks for your reply NoshBar,
i really like the idea of this scene being on a foreign planet. I think thats the direction I’m gonna go. You are right about the rocky formation, it looks a bit off. I added some ‘hair’ and subsurf to it, but messed up my lightning setup ( :frowning: )

think i’m gonna redo the scene just for the sake of practicing…

here is the last picture i took before the planet went down …