Marte Lounge Chair

I’m sharing some renders and a 3D model I made while doing some practicing.

Marte Lounge Chair

You can get it on my behance and there are few other models to download from some of my projects…

also check out my instagram for some more of my work.

Model is free to use for commercial and non-commercial purposes (I’m sharing only model as .obj format no textures as they are not mine to giveaway).


I like all these shots :slight_smile:
Please share your studio lightning setup :wink:

Can you tell also what shader node for lamp milky glass do you use?
Do you use glass with roughness and put lamp inside or something similat to:

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absolutely no need for any complex shaders, lamp has disabled visibility for diffuse so that it doesn’t contribute to lighting as it iwould be unnecessary.

And as you can see in the screenshot the environment is very basic too. I did use one extra pointlight on other side of the room to get a bit more light.

For the studio shots I used a single interior based hdri that is desaturated as to not shift colors.

It’s all very basic down to materials. I did a little postprocess outside blender as getting nice output straight from blender is almost impossible with colors always looking somehow wrong to me.

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Thank you for the tip @lacilaci86 !

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