Martian Fighting Machine (UPDATED 1 June 2006)

This is my first model in any 3d program! It’s based on the CD The War Of The Worlds.




Now… Come on with the crits!

PS: Is it allowed to post a WIP while it’s in this state of modelling?

PS: Is it allowed to post a WIP while it’s in this state of modelling?


Post some references of the thing your tring to model, so we crit it better.

So far, it’s good. One thing to remeber is that good scenes take time and rest when you’re getting bored.

And if your in edit mode, select everything and press Ctrl+N. That will flip the normals(the way a face is pointing) outward.

If you go to Edit Buttons, you’ll see in the lower-left hand corner two buttons called “Set smooth” and “Set Solid”. Use these buttons on an object you selected and see what happens.

Yep - that’s the whole definition of WIP (Work in Progress)

I think that where you may come unstuck here is that you seem to be plotting points then linking them together to form faces. Very often the human eye just isn’t good enough to get points aligned like that (especially if you are just starting within a 3D environment) and the resulting mesh comes out ‘bumpy’.

Have you tried push-pulling a sub-surfaced cube to try and get the same result? You’re pretty much guaranteed that Blender will get the curves smoother than a modeler could. :smiley:

Here is a picture for what i’m trying to model:

Here is an update:



It’s now fully closed with eyes and stuff.

And (finally) another update!!!

It took quite long, because I had no internet so I’m alot further with it now!




Please give some comments!!!

Is it so ugly that no one would even bother to crit it?

what kind of subsurf have you applied to it?

I have applied Subsurf level 2 and set smooth.

Its just not that somooth at the moment, hmmm either you can apply a larger catmyll subsurf, or you can go into edit mode and sub divide then apply subsurf, (this will keep the general shape that you have.)

Do you know what skinning is as this may have been a better way of modelling this instead of box modelling.

Is it so ugly that no one would even bother to crit it?

Well, yeah… I mean really. it doesn’t look like much more than a lump of clay, IMHO…

Hey thats rather harsh, he’s new so its not as if he can recreate this; in a day or 2 (or me for that matter…)

Sorry but I think you may need to redo this and make individual pieces instead of just one mesh. Or you can separate from the main mesh using ‘p’

So I select a few objects(like the tail) and select the vertices and then press P, then work on the seperate parts and then, when everything looks nice, connect all parts again?

Yes that would be one of the ways of doing it. Think of the thing that you want to model as different parts. Look at a wooden chair. It is likely that it wasnt modelled/chiselled out od solid hunk of wood but assembled from pieces. If you think in this fashion it becomes easier to model your piece without distorting it when applying subsurf.

press ctr j to join pieces together.

you can probably spin the legs, and then rotate them untill they are perfect.
Do you understand the art of skinning in blender?

I understand it a little. I was planning to make the legs and the laser out of different parts(duh), and I think the problem with the model as it is now is that there are lots of tri’s in it!!! I need to get that b*^#*#&$ out!

I think that skinning is the best way to do this so read;

I did it like in those tuts but instead of using surface curves I just used vertices on a reference picture and subsurfed it.

and then did you mirror it, it just doesnt look the same on both sides…
I think it would be better to start again and use surface curves and skin what you need because it makes smooth equal shapes without any triangonals

Yes i used the mirror modifier so it must be identical at both sides. And using the surface curves, can i get the eyes like in my model?

Hey thats rather harsh, he’s new so its not as if he can recreate this;

Well, that’s the problem when someone asks for a critique…