Martian Landing (Blender Short Film)

Finally finished this Short Film! I started working on this around November 2019, and finally finished it today, May 4th 2020. It was a lot of work, but I’m very glad to have finally finished it. Hope you enjoy it!

View the Final Renders:

I am very passionate about space exploration, and so I was inspired to create this short film. I am looking forward seeing the day when we finally get the first Humans on Mars.


That was really cool! I love the way you timed the action with the music.

On my screen it looks a little pixilated around some of the edges and there are some screendoor effects on the top solar panels when you’re looking down at them in that long shot at 1:32. Is that normal for Blender or something about the way that you rendered it? (I suppose it could be my system too)

Now I really want to see what’s under their helmets.

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Thanks for watching!

Yes, there are some glitches in the Render. That is because I did not use enough samples and also used the Denoise node in Blender. If I bumped up the sample count, it would look alot better. But I don’t have the best computer for rendering. I have a GTX Nvidia 1050 Ti GPU, but the render times would still take a really long time if I bumped up the sampling. So I had to sacrifice a little of the quality for decent render times. I’m planning on upgrading to a new computer soon, so that will help speed up render times in the future.

Thank you. It wasn’t a criticism, just curiosity from a newb. I’m still in the “ooooh! How does that work? Why did it do that?!” stage. Don’t feel too bad about your computer, I’ve got a AMD Ryzen 7 2700 with a Radeon R7 240.

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Yeah, its all good. Nice computer hardware! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: