Martin For Clapton

Hello to everyone, haven’y posted for a long time. Hope everyone’s fine!

Now i’m working on a certain scene that’s heavily connected to the my greatest inspiration Mr. Eric Clapton, scene of course involves his Martin Guitar and for the past few days i’ve been working on that guitar, to get as much details as i could with all the possible references i could find. I gave it a separate rendering to upload it and hear what you guys think of how it looks, am i going to the right direction, where am i not paying attention or paying too much attention to stuff and so on.


Modeling, Texture painting, lighting etc. all is done in blender with Cycles Rendering engine. Post Processed in Photoshop and Blender. For emission i’ve used Area Lamp as Key, with Spot and couple of emission planes for fills and all blended with HDRI (mainly for reflections)

Hope you like it :slight_smile:

The reflection looks a little odd, specially the two lines going up rather straight, at the bottom ( in the middle ). Maybe its a little too reflective … but anyway a very nice model and an excellent finish, i hope there is more to come Ibanez :slight_smile:

Well those two lines are from HDRI image, it’s reflecting something from it. Black acoustic guitars are quite reflective, due to the paint on the surface.

Tnanx, glad you like it. Yes sure i’m working on more, the scene will be done in a while. . .