Martin Schurig - 3D Scanning - Sketchbook

Welcome to my Sketchbook,
This is the place where I am going to share my 3d scans with you.

The first 3d scene I want to share with you is one of the first I have ever made.

Heiner(a somewhat famous statue in my hometown)

For the end of my first post I want to take a few seconds to talk about the process that goes into creating a 3d scan.
The are many different ways to do it. I am using a method called Photogrammetry. It is a very easy method. You take a camera(I used a Canon 700D with an 18-55mm lens) and you make pictures of the object you want to scan. From different angles, covering your howl object. In this case I to 100+ pictures. Down Below are a few to give you an idea how they look.

And then you use these pictures to generate the 3d modelle. In my case I used a software called Memento from autodesk (it is currently in Beta and free, so check it out, it is amazing!
And than you get your high res model in my case that was almost 5 million polygons.

If you have any questions feel free to ask them :slight_smile: Or anything else you want to say :wink:

Here is another scan I made

I use 122 pictures to make this scan. The original scan has more than 7 million polygons but this is a downscaled model with only 200.000.

Here is another scan, this time it is a Californian redwood(or just a part of it)

Here is a new project from me. This time it is a video, enjoy :slight_smile: